Georgian Orthodox Church

But why is conversation? Turned 32 years from the date of the enthronement of the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II. A week later, on January 4, the clergy and the whole community will celebrate the 77th anniversary of the head of the Georgian Orthodox Church. The authority of the Patriarch has been written many times in the past year, but will have to remember it again, because the problems in relations with the authorities of the higher clergy did not exhausted. The President of Georgia, as if demonstrating his loyalty to the Church of the days of the anniversary of his enthronement, however was forced to read a statement of the Holy Synod, adopted in those days. It clergy again appeals to the public to speak on impermissible Pharisees undermine moral and religious foundations. It is a strategy limiting the influence of the Georgian Church in public life who are trying to U.S. funds to implement proxies that perform ideological functions.

On their funds created one of the notorious structures – the so-called Freedom Institute, a sort of subsidiary of the National Institute U.S. democracy. Local "contractors", delivered at the head of IP, but it's mostly young people, not constraining ourselves in terms and actions, struggling to squeeze out a sense of belonging to citizens of Georgian traditional culture, spirituality, lifestyle, age-old values. Attack on the Georgian Orthodox Church and His Holiness Patriarch – a favorite way to implement such plans. It was these homebrew "enthusiasts of democracy" and entrenched power structures in politics, directing and correcting their tactical invention, the author had in mind the statements of the Synod, pointing to the social handicap of such a campaign.

United States

The meeting of the Rivers Negro and Solimes shows contrasts that go beyond the spectacle of the nature. We have many natural wealth but in the lack intelligence to usufruct. Of the Amaznia to the daily pay-salt ' ' boom' ' of the moment. The United States already are marking territory. the flora, dizem' ' migrar' ' distant places and to return molded to be consumed in its native land. We make use of it and nor we perceive how much it is familiar. the nibio, valuable natural element, found in our territory for us pass unfurnished but to others not! Now would hidropirataria it comes it.

It makes the ballast (weight so that the ship creates stability) in the ships with waters of the river Amazon. This is the objective. End point for the truth. Beginning of the myth. But when arriving at the destination they perceive that it is more than a ballast, and as wastefulness it is sin because not ' ' to stone ouro' ' to vender it? Consequentemente stabilizes it other people’s economy.

Ah! If Victria queen was possible would hinder that they burlassem in waters where it exuberant victory regal mark presence as symbol of the Amaznia. They do not respect nor the done homage the English crown. If it will be truth will enter in the guideline of debates politicians, will turn same promise that later turns myth. That in them they exempt of myths therefore they are immortal.

Without Motivation

Democracy: ' ' government of the people; popular sovereignty; democratismo' ' , concept according to Aurlio. When hearing this word, certainly comes in them to the somewhat familiar mind, it could not be of another form when we are in a characterized country democratic and whose value is remembered in them constantly. But, when hearing the concept, perhaps let us not make familiar in them in such a way thus. Such conceptual words do not configure the reality in our country, thus distanciando of this universal definition and creating a proper conception of what it is the democracy played here. Historically, we can say that the democracy never had a legitimate society. Coming back toward its ' ' bero' ' in old Greece, we come across in them with a society where the citizens could decide directly on the subjects of its interest, having right of speaking and voting its laws, beyond acting as governing. However, for the Greeks, citizens were all the people little women, slaves and foreigners and this implied, at the time, in 98% of the population.

This it did not configure not even the concept that had at the time, according to Aristotle, of whom democracy is a government form where the decisions politics are taken directly by the people and not for its representatives; therefore until then, it had representatives (2% of the population). Coming back us again toward ours ' ' lar' ' , Brazil. A country that since its first steps is marked by the submission, alienation and repression, ' ' preconceitos' ' these that are reflected you are welcome more than what of the social inaquality. High, average classroom, low and even though without classroom; these denominations are fruits of the reality, this that finishes for characterizing each one of them how much to the access to the education, feeding, health and to the corporeal properties.


Portugal is in daily pay national insolvency and the responsibility is of all the intervening Portuguese politicians, had its incapacity and incompetence to generate the solutions, that the country complains the much time. I have said this many times. The problem is that the classroom politics does not want to abdicate of the shameful excesses, that enjoy and of its established benefits, over all, in the nets of installed and taken root traffic of influence, around the public thing. An unfair competition in our country exists. The verborreia produced in the electoral campaign does not have any interest, the rhetoric is envolta in perversities and lies, in vanities suspicion, that contrast with a full Portugal of poverty and unemployment.

The misery went down the streets the unimaginable levels, the expectations of oldest and of youngest they had beaten in the deep one. The country needs to break some eggs to obtain itself to make one omeleta. All we know many failures, but little we learn with them. It is very difficult to learn with the errors of the others. The way is more easy, she will be the same person to fail and to try of new. We would have to learn much more with the failure of what with the success, that is, most of the time is necessary to pass for failure, to arrive at the success. We must exactly remove better lies for our life, of the failure of what of the success.

We can and we must fail, but always in direco to the future. We live times that require much courage, of form to fight against everything and all, to start for the political parties, the installed interests, the traffic of influences, the excesses gained for some barons of this country, route to a new country where the values, the ethics and the truth reign, for good of our Portugal. We must hinder the one that the programmed insolvency, for our country, does not have place and through the work, pride and collective capacity let us be capable, to projectar a better future for the young. The country needs arrepiar consciences route to the success through failure, that is, beats in the deep one, now only it remains in them to look at top and to start the walked one, but without committing the same errors of the past and believing our capacities and qualities.


Many times, the escape for the misery has been the marginality and the traffic, that only grow in the great cities. The rich ones in turn, of the time of that law involuntarily (or not ) discriminatory for here, they had only made to extend its rights on the society and the means of production, being made with that the country grew its bel-pleasure. Such growth for one only classroom, makes with that the people, jammed, it appeals the unconstitutional ways to try to leave a misery situation, so accented for them. However, the rich ones in Brazil are not equal to the rich ones of the remaining portion of the world. This if of, mainly, because of two aspects. The first one, is the fact of them to live in a country, dirty, of third world, with one of the worse distributions of income of the world, a IDH baixssimo and with an accented violence. As it is, without a doubt, what more it bothers this classroom: the rich Brazilians cannot exhibit the proper wealth.

They live in gorgeous mansions, with gardens and swimming pools. However, if they hide behind walls not to suffer from the evil that same they had created. They walk with particular security, fearing assaults; they armor its cars the same fearing. If the ostentation of the wealth is one of the main aspects of the privileged classrooms, would be really rich they? Not. A classroom that if hides of the differences instead of fighting them, that it prefers to act with violence to fight proper violence, that only wants to grow and if to isolate of what in fact it is Brazil, is not a rich classroom, never will be. The recognition of the guilt for the violence that they themselves suffer is the first and great step to be given to route the perfect harmony between all the classrooms. They to be rich in fact, need to breach the walls separate that them of the remaining portion of the country, and to make of its half rubbles so that if she builds a new nation. For that if they say rich, to be rich in fact, they must finish with the mourning and the fear poor them and of the violence, that, as already it was said, is blames only of them exclusively. Brazil is entirely poor, and poor person will be until the rich ones finish with its characteristic egoism.

In Memory of Raul Seixas

In memory of Raul Seixas, whom he would be completing plus a spring today, 28 of July. ‘ ‘ While the men exert its rotten ones to be able To die and to kill of hunger, anger and headquarters They are as many times natural gestures ‘ ‘ (Stretch of music ‘ ‘ Rotten Poderes’ ‘ , of CaetanoVeloso) ‘ ‘ My good, but when the life forceing in We will ask for the good God who helps in them We will speak for the life: Life, steps on devagar/My well-taken care of heart is fragile; my heart is as glass, as a novel kiss? Perhaps/My good, you can understand my solitude my sound and my fury and this haste of living and this skill to always leave of side the certainty (…) ‘ ‘ (Stretch of music ‘ ‘ Selvagem’ heart; ‘ , of Belchior) We live shady times. Of the beginning of this year, until today, already we live deeply how many natural catastrophes this way? It is the revenge of the nature, that reacts cataclismicamente, reducing the largeness rubbish, changing back lives and hopes. In all the regions of the Country were thus? in Cove and the Mount of the Bumba, in Rio De Janeiro, north-eastern almost all, in So Paulo, that already is an announced trajdia, all summer, in Santa Catarina and, more recently, in the Rio Grande Do Sul. In these occasions, the media makes question to say that it is the force of the nature, to be able that them public, in the majority of the cases, could not make nothing, and shows to the vulnerability and the terror of the common people, of the people, in way to the crossed fire of a battle of giants.