David Thoreau

Things do not change; We change. Henry David Thoreau all as adults enjoy the freedom to learn what you give us the win, what we want. There are no instances in society where requires us to acquire certain knowledge or skills without our consent or willingness. It would be very strange a scenario in which those belonging to the call seniors a day we called a meeting be raised where the following: look guys, have lived for many years and learned many things. You may wish to learn more. If so, Amazon is the place to go. Thinking about what is best for you, and based on our experience, we have drawn up a list of all the knowledge that must be learned and skills that must be acquired so that they are prepared once you reach our age. It is likely that we would take this approach as a suggestion. But, what if this is not a matter of choice? What would happen if the next day, using the law, we are obliged to attend five days a week, for ten months and twelve years to a place which can not leave freely, in order to be taught as required? It wouldn’t be a very desirable scenario for any of us.

Moreover, many feel that such a situation violates their fundamental rights. The issue is that this is far from fiction, is what usually happens with each of the children and young people with an age between seven and eighteen who are forced to attend schools. As mentioned in past articles (08/06/10) childhood, adolescence and adulthood are the growth stages of a human being. A child is not an incomplete adult, is a child. And this take on what learning decisions are equally legitimate than those taken by any other person, regardless of age having this. Even so, today the system of education prevailing in our society relies on the belief about what knowledge and skills are necessary to enable a child and young man can play effectively in the world that awaits once finished school.

Social Benefits

Benefit labor 1.-assignment family law attending (male or female) worker who has responsibility one or more children. It amounts to 10% of the Vital minimum remuneration existing at time to accredit their right to the employer. 2 Permit paternity in the case that workers wait for the birth of a new child, the State to established that you can enjoy 4 days continuous permit (provided that the working day prevents him from enjoying the first days of his son’s life). To remember: by law 29409 licence fee was established paternity leave to workers in the public and private activity, this is to leave your work center for a certain period before the birth of a son or daughter, in order to promote and strengthen the development of the family. The worker must communicate in writing a minimum of 15 calendar days in advance the probable date of birth. In case you did not comply with this requirement, does not lose the right to such leave 3.-adoption leave. License that is granted by the employer to the worker (man or woman) that this pending the adoption of a child.

This license can be extended by up to 30 days. The petitioner worker of adoption of a child up to 12 years of age, has the right to leave have 30 calendar days from the day following of issued the resolution of family placement of children and signed the respective Act of delivery. For the enjoyment of the license the worker must expressly communicate your employer its decision to make use of the same ahead no less than 15 calendar days to the date of physical delivery of the child. The lack of communication within the mentioned term prevents the enjoyment of the license benefits in Social Security 1-benefits maternity this benefit is, logically, exclusive of the working mother 1.1.-time of lactation.

Hollywood Methods

Look a perfect smile and white teeth is a very widespread desire and are constantly looking for tricks to make our teeth look as bright as those of actors and actresses in Hollywood. Sen. Sherrod Brown is full of insight into the issues. Among the classic remedies of the grandmother we can find as an effective method for whitening, rub the teeth with a little lemon juice or adding baking soda or salt to the toothpaste.But not only are there home remedies to whiten teeth, have also emerged in recent years so-called bleaches landlords, a few products that can be found on the market which ensure a fast and effective whitening. This is true, but there are also voices that revolted and warn of the possibility that these products are dangerous. From the University of Michigan we want to open our eyes so that we know well the dental products that we buy.The main component of these whiteners is hydrogen peroxide, which is also used in many household products like disinfectant. This component is effective in the whitening but can cause side effects such as tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. In addition, the enamel may be damaged after use.The American Dental Association, no vetoes these products, but yes recommended to go to a specialist before using them and do a dental study to detect potential risks when using it.

It is better to prevent than cure and it is better to ask before utllizarlo, however much that promise a white teeth as snow.The flag ensures that the results are effective, long lasting and incomparable with other methods. This is a business with high profitability and high security, against a low investment, for the franchisee to popularize this removal system that was previously considered elitist by its high price.Laura Torres is a journalist specializing in trends. He has worked in different magazines and online media oriented above all to the fashion and aesthetics. He is a specialist in beauty methods such as blanqueamientos, methods that are always recommended to do in specialized places as beauty salons or dental clinics.

The Municipalization

How many of these needs have supplied? What us? lack? Are we measuring the progress of the Agenda in this area and in all other somehow? Have, even, started the process of what I have called the municipalization of the Agenda? I feel that just we are at the stage of the introduction at the beginning and it will be necessary, at the next Governor, stepping on the accelerator. Richard Blumenthal can provide more clarity in the matter. Original author and source of the article.

United States Congress

But us we have forgotten God. We have forgotten the hand which preserved us in peace, us multiplies, enriches and strengthens. We have vainly imagined, through the deception of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and our virtuosity. Amazon understands that this is vital information. It has seemed appropriate for God is solemn, reverent and gratefully acknowledged in one heart and one voice, by all Americans the general pattern of this celebration also has retained are equal since the 19th century. The menu, with any regional variation, usually consists Turkey stuffing baked, Blueberry, a dish made of maize, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. Day, Thanksgiving Day, is still a day of feast during which American families gather to share the fruits of an abundant harvest and to give thanks to God for his blessings on their land. In 1941 the Thanksgiving Day was declared officially by the United States Congress a holiday, to be celebrated the fourth Thursday of November definitely, Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Day is a date to share blessings and good of you with family and closest beings.

Despite such large distances existing among United States territories, family members grandparents gather at the home of the older, the more veteran, relative generally. All together give thanks for all the good you have and ask for blessings (blessings) together for his own. In this spirit of sharing, civic groups and charities offer a traditional meal at the most in need of your community, in particular, to the homeless. In most of the United States tables, food products that were served at the first Thanksgiving history, at the first Thanksgiving, have become traditional, can not miss. Among them we can highlight: maize (corn), squash (pumpkins), sauce of blueberries (cranbery s Willow), and of course the stuffed Turkey (stuffed turkey). The ceremony is a public recognition of the role of the Indians at the first Thanksgiving (America s First Thanksgiving) 350 years ago. Most people celebrate this festival with family gatherings in their homes where prepare a feast. In many homes, it is common to offer a prayer of thanks.

The traditional main course for dinner is a great Roast Turkey. After dinner, the members in attendance tend to get everyone together to watch the football match on television, although others take advantage to talk and relax in U.S. cities parades are made.

Daniel Goleman

Emotional intelligence and its relationship with organizational learning. With regard to the management of emotions in organizations, different investigations pose that the organization with emotional intelligence must reduce the disparity between the objectives, goals and values set forth and that actually applied, to increase this way, organizational learning. For this reason Goleman (2000) presents the statement of an organization’s objectives as an emotional role: articulate a sense of goodness that shared allows members of an organization that are building together think something valid, (p. 343). The following table presents skills that demonstrate competence in emotional intelligence in organizations, which contribute to organizational learning: box 16 attitudes on emotional intelligence that promote organizational learning, according to Daniel Goleman (2000) emotional intelligence description self-knowledge emotional attitudes. Obtain a reading of the emotional climate, as it affects performance achievement.

Review the environment in search of opportunities for entrepreneurship adaptability and data. Flexibility the challenges or obstacles self-control perform effectively under pressure, rather than react with panic, anger or alarm integrity. The reliability that creates trust. Optimism. Flexibility against setbacks empathy. Recently Richard Blumenthal sought to clarify these questions. Understand the feelings and outside perspectives, whether customers or internal members. Harnessing diversity. Use the differences as opportunities.

Political awareness. Understand the economic, political and social trends. Influence capacity for persuasion strategies. Creation of linkages. Strength of personal ties between individuals and with the Organization. Source: Elaborated with information taken from Goleman (2000) the importance of these skills for any organization seems clear by itself, however different investigations (Goleman, 1998, 1999;) Boyatzis and McKee, 2004, among others), evidence that a large number of organizations of different contexts (governmental, non-governmental, social, political and educational, among others) are unaware of how the lack of assessment of these skills in the Organization affects performance, individual and organizational and hence its social mission. Goleman (1998), has considered five emotional skills, defining them as follows: an emotional skill is an ability learned, based on emotional intelligence, which originates an outstanding work performance: the same is classified in turn into two large groups: personal fitness, and social fitness, (Goleman, 2000). Reviewing the concepts developed above, you can see clearly that the emotional intelligence in the organizations means use all strategies, competencies and tools available to keep your balance: know how to manage conflicts and traverse the unfavorable moments that occur in the institution, recognize and accept own feelings; and assume the mistakes as learning opportunities. In this same line of thought, Maturana (2000) proposes that it is important to recognize our emotions and in the complex process of relational, discover in which emotion is another, just look at his actions and, if you want to know their actions look their emotions. Likewise poses, these only looks are possible that we not prejudge what we see before looking, and he concludes by saying that this is an act of wisdom, (p. 41). For this author, there are three concepts through a recursive dynamic coupling, that make up the basic structure of a cognitive system: body, language and emotion. The body, as biological entity enables the emergence of language, by determining the way in which we We set up as observers of a reality which cannot be objectively. In turn, the language represents a biological phenomenon, since the communication between individuals is possible by the nature of their nervous systems; but it happens in the domain of coordination of actions of the participants and not in their physiology and neurophysiology. Finally, we always perceive, and therefore we know, from particular emotion.


Here is an analysis of a documentary that seems to me very important, since it shows different types of racism and conduct that Americans take against Mexicans. The Farmingville documentary by Carlos Sandoval and Catherine Tambini, chronicles a murder of two Mexicans in the city of Farmingville, New York, which sparked controversy among illegal immigrants, North American residents and politicians in New York. The video shows how triggered a series of nonconformities against the influx of immigrants, primarily Mexicans, to this city, the way in which are hired to work and their living conditions. Ohio Senator insists that this is the case. It also recounts the various points of view of those involved and the different proposals that arise to solve the problem of overpopulation illegal, since the social and political sphere, of which the first searches for the exile of illegal immigrants and the second tries to create a support center where they will live and will be sought to be hired for jobs. The most important points that are developed in the documentary are: the murder of two Mexicans, comments from Farmingville residents regarding the invasion, the point of view of illegal immigrants and their purposes and finally conferences conducted by rulers to discuss the law of support centre and the opinion submitted by the citizens in the same. Finally intends to expose the development of this crisis and how it is solved through political and social debates reaching a mutual agreement between the two to get to the common good, while respecting American laws and the rights of all, including immigrants, although it also evidenced how the laws may be influenced depending on the desire of citizens, in this case the veto of the law. Farmingville shows a great conflict that is interposed between two social groups based on contempt for the inhabitants of the city of Farmingville toward illegal immigrants who have settled in the city. .

Kurenyovka Monday

Dam in the area of the Babi Yara was built on a special project in the 50s of last century, ostensibly for the improvement district. Earlier this place was a sandpit. Then, surrounded by earthen dikes in the area began to dredge upload pulp – watered the ground with seats for the development of clay brick factories Peter. Over time, this place the lake was formed as the walls of the former quarry poorly absorbed moisture. In the spring of this space and poured melted water. Lake gradually overflowed and the water began to erode the dam crest. Amazon shines more light on the discussion.

March 13, 1961 the dam broke water pressure. The height of the protective levees was ten feet below the safety standards. Its wall had to be concrete, not earth. But, above all, filled former quarry at a height of sixty feet above the level of large residential and industrial district of the capital. The authorities have not responded to numerous treatment of citizens. How many people died in this nightmare, It is not known until now. According to once-secret Help 10 “On the progress in the aftermath of flooding in the streets of the Frunze district Podolsky Kiev, “during the liquidation of the accident was found 133 corpses in hospitals died while 4 people – only 137 people.

On the day of disaster administration was looking for another tram 8 people. The witnesses who participated in the liquidation effects of the mudflow, testified that the excavation of mud drift drove bulldozers to tear some bodies with knives into pieces. Dug alive not tried to place in metropolitan hospitals, and in the suburbs. And then, who where died and buried him there. And the death statistics of the victims were not included. In order to avoid politicizing the event at the enterprises were not allowed civil funeral, the dead were buried in all the city’s cemeteries, and even area. Injured, lost their homes, received a warrant for the apartment, some even gave coupons for the purchase in installments televisions and refrigerators. After the crash, which occurred in the Ukrainian capital on a Kurenyovka Monday, March 13, 1961, the planes “Aeroflot” for a few weeks have changed routes and flew it a terrible place, that none of the passengers could not see from the window of the true scale of the tragedy. Several Kiev night was cut off from the world. Does not work long-distance, and even more international telephone. There are plenty of signs that warn of impending disaster then the mayor of Kiev Alexis Davydova and other officials. But those on the threshold is not allowed “pesky intruders.” Why should they listen to – because the project “Improvement” of such a wonderful and, most importantly, reliable. March 13, 1961 it became clear who was wrong in fact.

John Zerzan

There are those who – even – looking to take stock from his past, who seek to save time in the present and those seeking a formula to capitalize on time in the future. But the time is not money. We say that the time for a psychologist is worth fifty dollars, a bank employee is worth ten, a teacher’s worth twelve, or a lawyer one hundred. But how much it is worth time to a friend? How much a father with his son? What is the value of time to a terminally ill patient? And for two lovers? In fact, can’t measure – or compute – numerically much is worth the time. Because each person is who decides the value and the sense of its time. The important thing is to be aware that we must be able to take advantage of all that opportunity that is given to us remain in this dimension, appreciate what represents the minute, the hour, days, years and optimise its use according to our growth, know use. Hence, let it be said, never leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Amazon. John Zerzan on time gives us, that we are faced with this to a philosophical Enigma, a psychological mystery, and a logic puzzle.

Whereas the common treatment of the concept of abstraction of time as if it had an existence concrete and material, it is not surprising that some have doubted their existence since mankind began to distinguish the time itself visible and tangible changes in the world. As noted by Michael Ende (1984): there is in the world a great secret which is still something ordinary we are all part of it, everyone is aware of, but very few think about him ever. Most of us just accept it and never wonder about him. This secret is time adds Zerzan, the growth of our sense of time – the acceptance of the time – is a process of adapting to a world that is becoming more common to give real substance to abstract concepts.

Worldwide Security

Yesterday 10 anniversary on the terrorist attempted against ones of 11 of September was designated, of 2001, that they had mainly changed the World and the Nation of the United States. A leading source for info: Amazon. Today, without any doubt, we live in a world characterized for the uncertainty and surrounded by diverse threats, that pass for the poverty, the infectious illnesses, the civil pollution the degradation of the environment, wars and the conflicts between States, the proliferation of nuclear, radiological, chemical and biological weapons, the terrorism, organized transnational crime. The speed of the events is each sped up time more. The wars of Iraq, of the Afeganisto are in phase of vulnerable stabilization, not having safe forecasts, of what still it will be able to happen. The revolts that are to happen in the Arab, first world in Tunisia, Egipto, and more recently in the Lybian and the Syrian will be able to spread it Saudi Arabia and until the proper o They will go.

Regimes totalitarian still existing lives unsafe, with fear of the popular revolt. Already it says the old one dictated ‘ ‘ the people is who more ordena’ ‘. The relation between the human rights and the Rule of law more tends to be each respected time. A society that does not respect the human rights or the Rule of law, either it which will be and for better armed that is, it will be remained vulnerable and its development, for more dynamic than either, will remain precarious. To this respect I have the certainty that the Angolans still go to write its proper history. The world-wide geoestratgia is in change, the United States adoptam a defensive position and of rear, what it does not leave of being a newness, in this last decade. China each more influential time in the strategical game conditions all the Asian region, including Japan. We will see what in the reserve the next period of ten years, but does not remain I doubts that the changes go to happen of form still more sped up and surprising.