Moscow Banking Union

Work will continue on projects creating distribution centers, wholesale trade in food in the area of the Moscow Ring Road. Now it is necessary to prepare bidding documents for 2 parcels of land, town planning documentation for 4 parcels of land proposed for inclusion in the Unified poadresny list of competitive sites. Continue to conduct contests on 5 parcels of land for placement of low-temperature storage. As is known, the basic idea of public-private partnership – a joint project financing from the budget and private investors. In 2006, this goal provides the budgetary allocation of 200 million rubles. by city budget provided by the Department on the food supply of the city (2005-2006) Recently went into effect the decision of the Government of Moscow dated 07.11.2006, 865-P "on the financing costs food security of the city of Moscow. The document also affects the procedure of investment projects of public-private partnership.

The purpose of making decisions – bringing the regulatory framework in compliance with the Law of the City of Moscow dated 12.07.2006 39 "On Food Security in Moscow." For joint projects also involved other banks and Cooperation City and banks engaged in Moscow Banking Union. Refrigerant and coolant in the world has not yet created an absolutely safe refrigerant. In Russia, was once the most common ammonia. This is quite a dangerous substance for the use of which in Russia developed a special supervisory system with a set of special permissions, reporting, etc. Recently, ammonia began to take a position – it is increasingly replaced by alternative refrigerants such as freon.