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First to clarify that I am 100% Cuban living abroad by choice. Looking at the media briefing in the world and my country the situation that this morning I write this article, I commented that I am not a journalist or politician, I’m just an engineer and Cuban intellectual. Talked the other day in a call I made to Havana with a family and I keep his words startle the crisis that this increasingly on the household economy. In the talk I argued that even if wages continue to cup low personal income and also that the book called supply tends to decrease the so-called staples or basket as we say in some countries. If I remember in my years derided political leaders and their most heated supporters of the subsidy policy that is lived on the island of Cuba and how well their political-economic system called planned economy, so perhaps there is no talk and or not taught in college. But if I remember that within these subsidies is located health, education and happy shopping basket. Well the point is that the thing is burning and without any relief provided by the leaders of the country. This rather ugly situation, I remember so many years left and if I say that now is worse, where does uuuffff will go with it? I come from a few years ago following the news very closely Cuban nationalism on the Internet, is now the new president Raul but always the 2nd Communist Party secretary and senior vice president of Cuba for over 50 years, this gentleman takes cognizance of the economy of Cuba is an allowance for breathlessness to their development as a country.

Happy New Year

There is a famous festival, which people celebrate in most countries of the world, regardless of religious, political, ethnic or other differences. Given this fact it is no wonder that this holiday is associated not with historical events, and with the event chronologically. Every year on December 31, at midnight, or rather in the first second the following day, ie on 1 January, new year begins! Why is this festival so popular? Man tend to be optimistic about the future, even despite the fact that these hopes are not always true. In any case, on Dec. 31 year old, with all its joys and sorrows to the past, but in the new year there are still many days to do something important, including last year to correct the error. Not one New Year’s Eve is not without greetings and wishes. With the New Year is usually associated with the most pleasant memories, some current successes and victories, or just happy event.

Therefore, New Year’s holiday in the first place requires a solemn words, congratulatory speeches and sincere wishes. And congratulations to the new year are the main attribute of this holiday. As for tradition, according to which adopted to celebrate the New Year, given the very broad geographical localization of the holiday, here is difficult to say something defined. Say this familiar to us, and seemingly unchangeable attribute as festive Christmas tree, in hot countries usually changes to a palm tree. Even the appearance of good character who come to these days (with gifts) to children of different countries differs substantially.

And the dishes on the festive table, depending on the national cuisine, there are very different. It is no secret that national and religious versions of the New Year (celebrated on different days) exist in around the world to this day. In Russia this holiday is the Old New Year (celebrated from 13 to 14 January). However, in the age of globalization, these options have long been in the shadow of the international celebration, that is, congratulations New Year often hear it on December 31. So it will be this time, because the front – New Year 2010!

First World War Used

The very principle of the gyroscopic effect has been known before Shilovsky (Gyro invented by Johann Bonenberger and published a description of his invention in 1817, and Foucault in 1852, created the device for the experimental demonstration of the Earth’s rotation), but was rather a scientific and academic. In the “national economy” was not used … except that found use in toys, “top” and later “whirligig,” as well all know (in detail about the gyroscopic effect of the gyroscope read here). For the first time in practice gyroscope was used in 1880 as an engineer for Aubrey stabilization of the torpedo, and already in the 20th century gyroscope has become widely used in the sea, on land, air and car kosmose.Giroskopichesky Although the former gubernatorstvovanie, money to build in Russia giromobilya Shilovsky Peter did not help, and he builds it in England at the company, “Wesley.” Girokar Shilovsky on the streets of London The principle of stability of two-wheeled girokara Car was maintained by massive rotor (flywheel) rotates at high angular velocity. When the banks and the movement of passengers inside the vehicle to maintain a stable body position was used gyroscopic effect of ‘Funeral’ girokara Already in May 1914 on the streets of London, Peter has demonstrated a working model of gyro-stabilized vehicle. After the First World War, this machine was conserved and 30 years later, just started up on the scrap heap.

This machine is kept in a state of equilibrium due to the gyroscopic effect, produces a heavy 600-pound flywheel is located under the bottom car in the center. Details can be found by clicking Sen. Sherrod Brown or emailing the administrator. The flywheel is a disk with a diameter of one meter and had a thickness of 12 centimeters. In order to unleash it, required a 110-volt electric motor about 1.25 horsepower, powered dynamo. Also used two 50-kilogram “pendulum”. As a result of this rather primitive gyro-stabilization kept the car weighing 2750 pounds in an upright position. “A special delight of passers-by, – said Russian journal “Aero Car and Life” – caused by the fact that even in the stroller completely quiet during the resistance did not lose. ” Gyroscopic effect in action.

A little later in the video can be seen gyroscopic model “stuff” . made modern railway in 1907 by Shirley in August in Berlin and independently by Louis Brennan in London showed the audience a model monorail trains. And a couple of years the same Brennan in Dzhilingheme (UK) has shown full-size car for 50 passengers.


At present, urinary incontinence remains one of the most "sensitive" issues in Urogynecology. According to the literature on urinary incontinence affects approximately 24% of women 30 to 60 years and more than 50% of women after 60 years. K Unfortunately, many of them believe that the elderly get rid of this problem is impossible and, therefore, voluntarily segregated from society in his own apartment, depriving themselves of the opportunity to participate fully in the life society. However, recent studies suggest that in old age disease "incontinence" can either completely eliminate or significantly reduce the number of concomitant factors. It is known that Modern methods of treating urinary incontinence are divided into "conservative" and "surgical". A related site: Connecticut Senator mentions similar findings. But few of my older patients know about treatment methods aimed at exploiting their own redundantly-compensatory capacities of the human body.

To the category of such techniques include biofeedback (BFB). The basis of revolutionary methods of treatment of urinary incontinence using biofeedback devices put system of exercises for the pelvic floor muscles, developed by California gynecologist Arnold Kegel (1949) and aimed at improving their tone and the development of a strong reflex contractions in response to a sudden increase intra-abdominal pressure. The main difficulty and lack of technique Kegel is that 40 to 60% of patients are not able to isolate the cut pelvic floor muscles, especially when you consider that these muscles are anatomically hidden. Instead strengthen pelvic floor muscles, patients typically reduce antagonist muscles – the rectus abdominis muscle, gluteal, thigh muscles, even more while improving intra-abdominal pressure. As a result, such exercises are not only ineffective but also contribute to worsening of urinary incontinence. The problem of an isolated exercise various muscle groups of the pelvic floor can most effectively be solved by applying biofeedback techniques, as in this case visual information is communicated directly to the patient that makes it easy to check the correctness of the exercises.

The clinical significance of this method is, Firstly, in collaboration of patients and physicians, and, secondly, to quantify the changes in muscle tone of the pelvic floor exercises on the background with the container for measuring the rectal and vaginal pressure. Currently, for training the pelvic floor muscles using modern apparatus "Home urologist. In this case, the patient can monitor the accuracy and efficiency of its work with a manometer. Today, the method of biofeedback communication is widely used both abroad and in Russia. Indications for use of biofeedback therapy in urogynecological practice are: various types of urinary incontinence, pelvic relaxation syndrome or syndrome prolapse of the walls vagina, sexual dysfunction in women (a decrease of force orgasm, anorgasmia, vaginismus), prevention of urinary incontinence in women in the postpartum period after the pathological and traumatic childbirth. Thus, the method Biofeedback is an effective conservative treatment of all types of incontinence. One of the positive aspects of this therapy is its pathogenic orientation. The effect of biofeedback is, on the one hand, the possibility of increasing activity and contractility of any urethral sphincter, as well as in achieving its muscle hypertrophy by means of a conscious training. The results of three-dimensional ultrasound – are observed to improve blood circulation in the pelvic area. Other important advantages of the method of biofeedback are: painless and minimally invasive, no side effects, combination with any other treatments. As shown by medical practices, those of women who used for the treatment of spare capacity of the organism, just a month forever forget about the problems associated with urinary incontinence. Director of SIC regenerative medicine "SUE Intra" Peter Pomozov

Munich Ilka Stiegler

Here, too, factoring offers the possibility to finance arrears provided monthly invoices for services rendered. Also, the factoring customer receives more services in addition to liquidity failure protection and customer management. The requirements are thus insured, which significantly reduces the risk of an existence of risk due to the failure of one or more invoices. To broaden your perception, visit Suffolk County representative. Complement goods purchase financing In terms of hardware can complement perfectly the factoring businesses for example a purchase financing. The classic buying of goods begins with the order of the goods at the supplier. Especially in the distribution sector, also in advance are not uncommon in addition to short payment times.

So goes the entrepreneurs in an IT project with a high percentage of hardware for a long time in advance, before his client takes the solution in operation. Experience has shown that this period will draw again then was invoicing with payment terms from 30 days in length. With a purchase financing, the company receives the pre-financing of its required goods with corresponding payment. Suffolk County representative usually is spot on. Prospects for more information see. There also the 50-seitige free factoring guide can be ordered.

On the free phone number 0800 44 777 40 can also without obligation on the opportunities ICT entrepreneurs consult. “Business breakfast event tip under the title success is no accident strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises ‘ 2nd business breakfast in Dresden will take place on March 11, 2010. Interested parties can register by phone at 0351 448 29 32 or allow already prebooking by email at. Background to the Vantargis factoring the Vantargis factoring GmbH is a bank-independent factoring company. The company financed nationwide as a full service provider in the factoring small and medium-sized companies with an annual turnover of up to EUR 10 million. Here, the Vantargis factoring GmbH with finance, insurance of bad debts and Receivables Management combines all aspects of factoring in any service. For companies from 10 million Euro turnover is factoring also implemented in the in-house procedure. Questions or more information: Vantargis factoring GmbH Widenmayerstr 28 80538 Munich Ilka Stiegler head corporate communications phone: 089 2429373-25 E-mail:

Civilization Roman

This man is inheriting of its proper acts and choices, but also he is constructor of its individual and collective future. The Civilization Roman was born in such a way rooted ethnically how much geographically, had the long conquests, becoming it cultural synthesis of the old world. It had its proper religion legally, of character politesta respected tolerates mind the other religions or beliefs since that they did not intervene with the interest of the state. More info: Connecticut Senator. The Christianity as all knows appeared durantes these conquests in the region of the Jew with religious purpose and educative system that imaginable eminence reached. It based evangelho on harmony code, inhaling devotedly to the good of all, until the voluntary sacrifice, the fraternity to the fellow creatures and the standard without limits. inside of this Christian picture that the evangelhos start telling the sprouting of Jesus Christ preceded and followed for manifestations, beings spirituals present the vidncia of Maria or had spoken with Jose in the hours of repousos during sleep. The Biblical text in general (old and new will) costuma to call such beings angels is necessary to remember however that the term acquired with the time meant different of the original, therefore in the language Greek, the word wants to say a simply messenger and not being semidivinizado spiritual. Of the same Daimon nothing it had to see with the demon and yes Genius in spirit that eventually only became demon, in the direction of spirit of the evil. Of this form, in contact with such beings, Jesus an anthology of uncommon phenomena was all, its cures. The domain on forces of the nature, the predictions, the transfigurao, its capacity of penetrates in the minds of the people and finally the empty tomb and the resurrection, followed for some appearances and until psicomticos materializaes of the body extend the Biblical tradition interchange of it of the invisible beings.

Lawyers Registration

But the common disadvantage is the lack of availability or inaccessibility of material deposited or registered, and the difficulty of proof. Ohio Senator gathered all the information. The site – – a method for registration simultaneous deposition. Deposition is also on this site. It can be carried out in the open and in a hidden form. Open escrow allows the author to demonstrate to all interested persons to the region of their rights. Latent deposition allows the author to admit to viewing only in their resolution. Also on this site for registration is fixed a number of other signs of the site which together provide sufficient evidentiary basis for asserting their rights in court and pre-trial litigation. Despite the rich evidence of the practice of copyright through registration among the authors and literature is still done with a discussion of the usefulness, appropriateness and legality.

In our view these questions the usefulness and appropriateness of practices allowed. If over the years registration is done and it is used for evidence, it is useful and appropriate. With regard to registration, it is not prohibited by law. On the contrary, it is permitted by law for "computer programs, and programs are also are protected by copyright. So why some objects of copyright can be, while others can not? The lack of direct guidance in the Act on the admissibility of registration of copyright law makes many Lawyers use words instead of recording other terms and concepts. For example, the widely used term fixation of the copyright or fixing the date of deposit or providing evidence, etc. But it does not hide head in the sand, you still check this is the fixation of the existence of the product on a certain date (see: Dictionary of Economics, TSB, etc.).

In conclusion, it should be noted that none of the known methods of protection is not can adequately protect the site. Increased reliability of protection is achieved by using complex methods – technical and legal. You must use special software and techniques and simultaneously take care of the legal basis of the evidence of your copyright. For the protection should be approached comprehensively, see:. Besides a reliable protection is offensive strategy development site – constant updating of content and exclusive content.

WHD 2011

WHD 2011: ePages presents international E-Commerce from the 15.03.2011 online trading in Europe is fragmented cloud Hamburg. Numerous payment services, logistics service providers and certification have prevailed in the various countries as standard. But who wants to offer international E-commerce services, needs an online shop offering that also cross-border all requirements. On the WHD 2011 from 22-25 March in rust ePages, European leader of E-Commerce-cloud services, shows how big and small hosting provider at manageable costs and low technical effort can sell worldwide online shops and business websites. Visitors can expect exciting lectures and detailed overview of market opportunities and risks. ePages is Platinum sponsor of WHD, the world’s largest industry meeting of the international Hostingszene again this year. The trade fair appearance of the company is to the Rotary and pivot of the newly created E-commerce area, the focal point around the topic of E-commerce. Here ePages presents its cloud service platform, allowing quickly and at low cost rental E-commerce offers hosting providers, and presents two current highlights: firstly the instant reseller program, with the rental of online shops and business websites is just a few clicks of the mouse.

EPages takes it to the complete execution and supervision of the trader up to the settlement: ideal for small hosting provider and multimedia agencies that want to complement your portfolio quickly and easily. On the other hand shows the chances of its product ePages Flex ePages: all functions are included in the initial version of ePages base, the customers need for a successful start. With ePages Flex, ePages hosting providers, but offers a cheap online shop solution for the rental, which allows its customers from all of the features, which by default provides the software, without dialing limit. This means more flexibility, individuality and a computing power with its own virtual or dedicated system. The visitors of the WHD expect many exciting lectures. “Sell global think local”, is the motto of the keynote, which will hold on Tuesday, the 22nd March at 9:15 in the Europa Park in rust, ePages CEO Wilfried Beeck. I will show you how an international E-commerce offering can be realized with the cloud service platform of ePages”, says Wilfried Beeck. It will go in detail on the specifics of the European E-commerce market and answer the question, what are the requirements for cross-border E-commerce must be given”.

ePages is pleased with visit to the WHD. At the booth of 17 staff for individual talks and live demonstrations of the E-commerce platform available. Interested parties can sign up for appointments via the contact form available at contact log. More information about the event see: about ePages-ePages ( is provider of one of the world’s leading E-Commerce Cloud service platforms. International hosting providers, industry directories, as well as telecommunications and logistics companies such as Deutsche Telekom, British Telecom, orange business services, telegate, La Poste, Strato, host Europe, LCN, Amen and ARSYS on basis of the ePages platform pre-configured online shops and business websites for rent offer. Their customers without programming knowledge or complicated installations allow you to create quick and cost-effective professional online shops and business websites. Through the cooperation with over 60 technology partners, ePages offers integration in the most important online portals, search engines, marketing platforms, payment – and ERP systems. Worldwide, over 50,000 customers operate their online shops and business websites with ePages.