Luiz Incio Lula

This fact is resulted of the historical fight of the Social Movement Negro' '. thus we had as positive reply the definitive confirmation of that it has racism in Brazil, guarded or explicit, and the valid one is that the question is being argued and that ' ' … are necessary public politics calls of affirmative action? specific politics of promotion of equality of chances and concrete conditions of participation in the society? for the overcoming of racism, of the discrimination and the racial inaqualities. … ' ' (ALEXANDER BIRTH, 2006 apud IVALDO RASP; 2008:59) to initiate a desconstruo, in the history and education of the peoples, who the Brazilian nominated citizen, has accepted the differences and pluralities that we are.

The black insertion of dates and heroes, of spaces with name of black personages also make part of the actions that they aim at to positivar the identity of the blacks. The black movement each organized and forceful time more and in 2001 when of the accomplishment of: (…) World-wide Conference against Racism, the Racial Discrimination, the Xenophobia and the connected forms of Intolerncia, had started to appear in Brazil, the scope of the public politics, the first concrete politics of affirmative action. (…) the lack of fulfilment of international conventions and carrying through a manifestation in the place of the conference, Durban, demanding politics of affirmative action and quotas for blacks in the universities. (…) After the presidential election of 2002, having as (…) President of the Republic, Dear Mr. Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, the racial question entered definitively in the agenda of the society. Resulting in the creation of a special Secretariat for such questions. (IDEM, P. 61) the creation of the system of quotas for blacks and of the special secretariat for the ethnic questions, shows possibilities of if initiating the changes in history educational, and literatures of history or exactly ficcional on the black in Brazil.