Coalition Agreement

So the DFK in a statement. It is regrettable that the really big projects be addressed neither in the important areas of taxes, education, pensions, health at the social or labour law”, so Bernhard von Rothkirch, Chairman of the Association of professional executives – DFK. Especially in the field of work and Social Affairs would be much to do. “We need progress on legislation that not go ahead for years, for example to the employees data protection or the whistleblowing at last. “Here, the uncertainty is great for years and clarity of the urgently needed.” New developments in a globalised world of work are becoming increasingly affect the German employment law.

Cloud workers, cross-border telecommuting or working in international structures and conditions need a new legal framework. The Treaty silent themselves, however. Efforts to deal with workforce in the higher age, seeks to support the Coalition, calls but no action. Even with more flexible transitions from work to retirement, it remains at an abstract statement of intent. The issues addressed rather as backup of stock rather than brave future decisions. Unfortunately, outweigh the inspection orders or to stay with blanket statements,”said von Rothkirch.

The same applies to the pensions reforms. By Rothkirch: Here would do much to adhere to occupational pensions sustainable and attractive. Here, it is only checked where there are potential barriers to small and medium-sized enterprises and how they can be mined. One looks in vain. measures that encourage, for example, the mobility of pensions or take account of the level of interest rates ” Addressed more individual Lighthouse measures than to see the big picture: the Removal of cold progression as well as the strengthening of the role of the Federal Government in education policy are not even mentioned in the coalition agreement. One can only hope that the Coalition developed may have the look for topics of the future, we already would have liked. Otherwise blockade and political paralysis threatens in key policy areas,”said von Rothkirch.

Brazilian Crisis

The crisis of the coffee sector, stimulated for the international crisis of 1929ainda remained causing low in prices of the main product of Brazilian exportation, taking the government to burn part of exceeding production. The crisis anger to facilitate to the blow and the access of Vargas to the power, that made association to the problem of the coffee, guaranteeing to the cafeicultores freedom of movements exporting and import. The coffee crisis assisted the growth of internal industrialization. Several defend had been them that they had led to this process: The depreciation of the currency; The high one of the exported products; The growth of an urban consuming market. But the situation of internal industrialization was not steady, lacked stops in its growth investments in this sector for the improvement of its products, the economic crisis and the representation lack politics made it difficult the situation still more.

The Armed Forces will go to have decisive paper in the process of Brazilian industrialization, as much the high ones how much the low steps were of common agreement how much to the importance of this sector for the development economic politician and of nation. (p.262-263). The New State was at the hands of the Armed Forces and its representatives, therefore it was the only nucleus organized and active in the accomplishment of the blow. The instability economic politics and of years 30, the tenentista movement threatened the homogeneity of it exercises and its power in crisis times. As measure of prevention appeared the law of national security that to give ample to be able I exercise to it, and this has for obligation economically to defend the wealth of the subsoil and the power plants of a country dependent. (p.264-265). From 1935 the president withheld ample legislative and executive, it she kept I except ‘ ‘ interests nacionais’ ‘ , the state was apartidario and it did not have ‘ ‘ oposio’ ‘ politics.


One of the most important processes for the fate of the capital of the Republic it, it has been developing since the Mayor of Bogota, in Samuel Moreno Rojas and head under the chairmanship of the etb Fernando Paneso directs. The search for a partner strategic for the company of telecommunications in Bogota. Amazon contains valuable tech resources. Precisely against this situation, Sintratelefonos established a Popular action, ensuring that this process is must be governed by 1995 privatization Act 226. The court administrative 38 of Bogota, Decree measure prudential last September, now the first section of the Tribunal of Cundinamarca rendering this measure the Court considered that the measure is causing major damages to public property that is trying to prevent. In that regard, the Court recognized the argument of LBP that warned how the extent of the Court 38 had affected in dire shape the price of the stock, devaluing it $338 between 15 September and the October 22. assure you release company press 2009-11-12 National Association of technicians in telephony and related communications (Atelca). You must point out in this regard. Perhaps check out Harold Ford, Memphis TN for more information.

That attempt to privatize the ETB is a trend common in administrations that have governed the destinies of Bogota during the past years. Wore the year 1998 was the largest city mayor, Enrique Penalosa, I’m looking for this to find a financial shareholder and District Council ratified an agreement enabling the commercialization of actions having the capital in the company of telephony. Accordingly, the cost of commercialization of the actions of the ETB was spurned, aiming protect probably the stronger the country’s financial capital; LBP spent 1420 million dollars, but the actions were given to the capitalists in 30% below their worth. Because Atelca resist the process and some agencies express their opposition as the district Comptroller, the Ombudsman, the Attorney general of the nation, Asofondos, the Colombian Association of engineers, among other entities of the capital.

The Educational

(Freire, 1967) "The trend in educational policy at the request of the teachers is" not dogmatically impose a scale of values, a moral given, but does not necessarily mean decreasing skeptical of any scale of values as if the same be just that unfair. It has to be based on a critical rationality, able to teach sound principles of valuation to conform to independents in value judgments, dialoguing subjects against the value judgments of others. " (Cullen, 19 997) "The choices between alternatives, judgments, acts, their axiological character target, but the men never choose values, and never choose the good or happiness. Always choose specific ideas, specific purposes, concrete alternatives. To know more about this subject visit Connecticut Senator. His specific acts of choice are of course related to their overall value attitude and its judgments are linked to his image of the world.

" (Keller, 1989) In our traditional concepts has been considered that the values are implicit in the educational task, it was understood that teachers in transmitting the contents of different subjects to participate. The deep crisis affecting western countries and already widespread in the world has led to interest in the formation of man and intentionally must be prepared according to the educational objectives of this task. A strong methodological scientific work in the curriculum was to reach a finished design professional Cuban revolutionary who became the model of the practitioner and each race has crafted the strategy that allowed their comprehensive training. In this path of integration is necessary to the scientific and cultural development in its closer relationship with axiology.


No problem, I hear you say, there will be elections in May and these idiots will be ejected, so I don’t want to be a spoilsport, but the opposition seems to have read the same book. The people that just passed 2.400.000 to some cactus age, remember? It is proposing a large sports field at a cost that will be back in the economic stratosphere! I’ll remember them, this is a town of about 2,500 people, 40% of which are probably more than 65 years. Is this a sign of the opposition, after having had 8 years to study the mistakes made by the current Government have used his time wisely? There is a serious point to my observations, a very serious point. These are just two very small examples of unreality which even today is widespread in Spain. The central Government has delegated control of some 17 autonomous communities, Stalin appointed oblast and regions autonomous have in turn delegate to numerous delegations and sub-commities sub and economically it is a disaster. This wonderful country need to look very seriously in its own democratic bases, without passion and I hope that you for 20% more of their jobs, a critical review of its own economic existence in the 21st century and fix it. You can, does the country of wisdom, knowledge, and enough qualified professionals to help politicians make appropriate changes, correct decisions? Absolutely, completely, but a large, but this. They are not political, are intelligent people who have dedicated themselves in specialized fields different major.

Politicians in Spain must be wise and admit to themselves that they don’t know and they are looking for the Council, the Attorney for the great selection of professionals highly educated, intelligent and experts in various fields of knowledge and use their considerable knowledge on the recommendation of alternative solutions and the accountability. The Spanish people and the country that deserve much respect. Then and only then, this country that has a lot to offer and contribute to the world, out of the hole you have created for yourself. Terrence Aubrey. Confidential Matchmakers original Autor and source of the article

Proper Care Of Cacti

Now, like other cacti are popular as say fifty years ago. Further details can be found at Sen. Sherrod Brown, an internet resource. They ceased to lead the ratings of the most popular plants, but billions of people still grow in their homes katusy likewise these plants remain the most unpretentious of care, but also the strangest plants. Cacti are plants that are well-behaved, even if they did not give proper care, but truly, it's unlikely you'll find what you another living creature that can be placed in such a bad position, like a cactus and it even has nothing to outlive its owner. So it is precisely thanks to this large number of cacti throughout our country over the years stand as a silent green decorations only changing its size. So true! We all learned in school that the cactus does not require care in the wild live in the desert, willingly tolerate drought, etc. can not get warm before scorching sun also, since you are lucky, bloom once in seven years. Forget about all this, since you want to educate yourself on nstoyaschemu prominent and well-groomed cactus! A large number of fine sand can also completely destroy the cactus.

In the summer, when the street dyuzhayaya weather they are in hibernation. In winter, in order to develop properly cactus bloomed so he just needs a temperature at which you will cover the crawl. But in the summer period of cacti stuffy and hot rooms bezprostranstvenny prefer the air. If you'll follow all these laws care, then your cactus come to life and will delight you with bright colors, probably not less than daffodils. Cactus – it's enough yes huge different in composition category, which includes likewise the smallest dwarf dress, equally huge columns that grow in western North America. Despite the fact that there is a cactus many different shapes, sizes, stems, although the number of colors on, they all have one universal attribute.

Almost all of them with no leaves. On the stems of plants to meet the permissible areola – the special pillow projections of which grow spines or hairs, but this does not mean that they're not not prevent look. Among all the cacti are allowed to distinguish two groups – a deserted tropical cacti yes. Features of care for these two groups of plants are different. Today, we consider each group of plants in all directions, because there are various cacti care for them may differ significantly. Desert cacti Tribal area of habitat species of cacti – the hot deserts of America. Exceptionally, some plants of this species can be at ease on the same sand. Almost all cacti belong to this group, thanks to this when selecting plants permissible means do not hold themselves. Most of these cacti is very easily propagated by cuttings. Desert cacti quite unpretentious in care, they do not need abundant watering, they like direct sunlight, so the best room with a view to their cultivation may be the southern window. Tropical cactus cactus This type grows in tropical forests of South America, as epiphytes on trees. For sale are grown only some of these community of plants, which often have leaf-like shape steblya.Tropicheskie cacti are more demanding, likewise require careful maintenance, but should be limited to water but must involve at winter period. When the summer season is hot enough outside the plant should be pritenyat. The best place to grow these cacti are equally north east window.

Amaro Saint Official

From the rude interviews had been decomposed the ideas central offices (Speech of the Collective Citizen? DSC; LEFVRE, 2000), later had been identified to ideas equal central offices or equivalents in the speeches, starting to compose only speeches, that is, of you speak isolated constructed a composition you say of them. Territory and Place: Conflict Experience To approach the modifications in the space of the community in a Unit of Conservation (U.C.) is to appraise and to dialogue about the territory. Therefore, it is this instituted territory that delimits the social actions, conditioning the social actors, and transforming the reality local. The differentiation of the space in historical scope has beginning from the delimitation of the same, that is: for its appropriation as territory; in part determined for the necessity of domain and ownership of the natural resources? for the conquest of the survival conditions? for another part, its physical occupation as habitat (HEIDRICH, 1998). Richard Blumenthal can aid you in your search for knowledge. In Santa Catarina, the State Park of the Mountain range of the Tray was created in 01 of November of 1975 (Official gazette n 10,359 of 07/11/75), for the government of the State of Santa Catarina with the main institucional objective to conserve Atlantic Mata in its diverse ecosystems and ecosystems associates of restinga and manguezal and islands, for this counted initially with an area of 92.689, 04 hectares, that passed for magnifying and disconnection depending on interests and conformations (Decree of magnifying n 2,335 of 17/03/77, published in Official gazette n 10,699 of 23/03/77; Decree of disconnection of areas n 8,857 of 11/09/79, Official gazette n 11,312 of 13/09/1979). The Park understands part of the Water cities Mornas, Florianpolis, Garopaba, Imaru, Palhoa, Pablo Lopes, Amaro Saint of the Empress, Is Bonifcio and Is Martinho. Bes situated enters the geographic coordinates 27 42? 09' ' 28 07? 42' ' of south latitude, and 48 34? 09 ' ' 48 57? 13' ' of longitude west. .

Social Service

She is necessary to emphasize that this delicate process of formation in the academy and in the field, it is a space of education and learning that must be thought and be reflected as a strategical field for the professional formation of that it will play excellent function in the social field of inclusion of the vulnerable citizens, as well as that of the social assistance to need. Therefore indispensable it is, that this agreement permeie the understanding of the students and participant supervisors while of the construction of this formative universe in the academic relation and of field, either in the public, private sector or third sector. ' ' () The positioning of the social assistant, front to the professional demands, discloses to its commitment, alicerado in a position ethical-politics. In the period of training, the student has chance to exert the professional ethics locating itself in relation to the inherent questions to the professional work. () ' ' .

The author of the article quotation of reflexiva form, Buriolla (1996) emphasizing a study on the responsibilities of the involved and directed actors to the activities of the period of training. ' ' (…) In the current conjuncture, the period of training is walking for a new platform, that exceeds the relations theoretician-practical and university-society, to insert in the relations education-work. This quarrel, that is still shy in the Brazilian universities, was mainly provoked by the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education LDB (law 9,394/96), that it brought for the scene of the academic debate new elements norteadores to the education: curricular flexibility, autonomy of the Institutions of Superior Education and the entailing education-work ' '. However inside of this new conception, we perceive a change of the wait before for a trainee liabilities for one aprendente of the proactive profession in a field that before was not so recognized. ' ' () The contemporaneidade demands each time more professional qualified, endowed with knowledge specialized and brought up to date () ' ' . Therefore it is possible to deduce that the author presents the article pointing Curricular Lines of direction of the Course of Social Service, the supervision of the period of training as ambincia favorable to the process of reflection, accompaniment and new constructions of knowing, it enters the study object, it says, Social matter and a set of possibilities between the professor supervisor and the professional of field with sights to the formation of the trainee, apprentice of the essential profession for the eradication of the social inaquality. ' ' () the period of training supervised in Social Service is basic in the process of professional formation; however, to study it and to understand it are a constant challenge so that in fact he is lcus of construction of the professional identity of the student. Therefore, she is necessary to continue therefore still has a long way to be covered ' ' . Concluding, it is urgent, possible and necessary that, academy, professionals and students are intent to the movements of the society and the transformations of the world of the work that in such a way affect the conceptions of the historical trajectory of the Social Service as of the daily demand required in unstable in the field of formation and the work.

Theological Commission

For example, they did not fail to inform Government that "the place of their (Ossetian) abound in gold, silver ores and minerals, stone preizryadnym. In addition, the same church leaders addressed a petition to the Empress Elizabeth. In it they wrote: "It is well known ignorant vysokomonarshee Imperial Majesty's intention so inoverskih people of all ranks of people through preaching the word of God and spontaneous desire to bring in eternal life." Christianization Acceding nations was one of the main indicators of the spread of Russian influence. And so the confessional question undoubtedly played an important role in the development of the Ossetian and Ingush relations with the center. Harold Ford may not feel the same. While under the influence of the Ottoman Empire and Iran, the Ingush were subjected to Islamization since the beginning of xv century to the xvii century, virtually all rural communities (Jamaat), converted to Islam. Therefore, at the time of entry into the Russian empire the whole Ingushetia considered St. Petersburg as the Islamic and far-reaching attempts to Christianize the edge was not there.

That is attached people were to pay tribute (tribute) and reflect the attack on the Russian authorities. The reverse situation was in South Ossetia. Harold Ford, Washington DC has firm opinions on the matter. Ossetians were the main target of Orthodox missionaries in the first third of xviii century as "the early Christians, have fallen away from faith, after amplification of Islam in the Caucasus. The first mission was sent to the roc Ossetians in 1745, in 1769 organized by the Ossetian town house, and in 1774 – Theological Commission.

National Front

The National Front if instituted with the objective to eliminate ascausas that they had taken Colombia to one decade of violence and dictatorship. The dominant sectors of the Columbian society found that igualitria adistribuio of the public offices was the measure most adequate for opas to recoup the peace and to come back to institucional normality. Since its primrdios, and to even be able to count on one mnimode electoral support legitimized that it, the speech of the governantesfrentenacionalistas was based on matrix reforms social, as the reformaagrria and the urban reform, beyond the distribution of the wealth with intention to detornar the society igualitria. However, none of these reforms Legislative conseguiuaprovao, and the one that arrived next, the agrarian reform, only foiaprovada until where it did not affect the interests of the great proprietors. Another characteristic of this period was the exclusion daoposio, in the measure where the government was revezado between liberal econservadores. Moreover, 9 had the reduction of the participaopoltica indices, on account of the absence of attractive projects for the classesdominadas ones.

Parallel to this and far from the urban centers, in which operodo of National Front could diminish the violence and improve the economy, umfenmeno if formed. All the period after the death of Gaitn conferred umrevigorado ardor to the fights peasants. The groups of peasants who before haviamlutado to conquer lands in which they yearned for working, still agoraempenhavam bigger effort stop to defend them. The calls ' ' RepblicasIndependentes' ' they had become a shelter for the dispossessed ones and asvtimas of the agricultural conflict, where the workers made and followed the suasprprias laws, what much disliked the Columbian oligarchy. The governoconservador declared then the Communist Party as its main enemy. However, these groups self-defense peasants received in its areas of oapoio control of this Party, what it transformed ' ' Repblicas' ' emalvos in potential.