Irina Makarova

It should be noted that all costs relating to conversion and technical equipment shall be borne by the customer. In addition, increases and the cost of utilities. So that the usual re- stock in low-temperature turns out to be quite troublesome and expensive. "Civilized warehouse market in the Kirov does not exist. It allows landlords to dictate terms, in particular, overestimating rates lease. For example, the cost of rent per square meter cold storage facility in the Kirov ranges from 30 to 150 rubles a month, warm (equipped) is somewhat more expensive (50 – 250 rubles). Price depends on location premises and the area ", – said Sergei Koryakov. For comparison, in Moscow, rent to low-temperature storage ranges from $ 220 (old refrigerators, vegetable store) to $ 270-320 (Khladokombinat, new low-temperature storage) per square.

m per year. Rate depends mainly on what the storage temperature, and the quality of the premises, the refrigerant used, the location of the warehouse and, of course, the conditions set owner areas. The cost of the warehouse, which is fed or photographed under the lease contract may differ at times much of the cost of the warehouse, which is fed or photographed under a contract to provide warehousing services. Recently, Kirov city should note the tendency for conversion of storage areas in commercial, despite the fact that warehouses are not enough. For example, soon to be refurbished several rooms in the south-western region, Cinema "Friendship" and the airport. In their place will trade pavilions.

Among the largest transactions in the warehouse property in our country are the following. In 2003, IKEA has built a $ 40 million warehouse in suburban Solnechnogorsk – its first in Russia, distribution center. Total area is 60,000 square meters. m. A world leader in beverage – Coca-Cola has found another place for their production in the south of Russia. In the industrial area Kuleshovskoy (Azov district of Rostov region). It will build a production capacity of up to 500 million liters of soft drinks a year. It will be one of the largest in Eastern Europe. You can imagine how much storage will be required for such amount of products. Prior to that, Coca-Cola managed to open 11 factories in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities (total volume of investments – about $ 1 billion). Our own warehouses in the regions and there is "Eldorado". One of the new company's projects "- the largest warehouse complex area of 250 000 sq. km. m in Novosibirsk, which is projected to become the main distribution center, "El Dorado in Russia. It would allow a 15-20% increase in sales of household appliances. The "Pyaterochka" too global plans: spend $ 200 million to build warehouses in the regions. Gets "Pyaterochka" to Kirov – it is not clear. Major companies are still profitable to buy or build your own complex, despite the fact that long-term rental stores can expect discounts. However, the "benefit" does not mean "maybe". "Warehouse database is not enough. It is connected also with the fact that our region remains insufficiently developed segment logistics. Warehouses do not justify the investment, they are low income, so that neither the developers nor the construction companies have been slow to start building "- highlights the problem Irina Makarova, Head of Development commercial real estate company "The network of commercial real estate." However, in the medium term, a lack of quality warehouse space may prevent the enlargement of networks of retail operators.