Adsense Money On The Internet

You’ve probably read thousands of blogs with topics on how to make money online, these sites say teach the techniques to make millions of dollars online with Adsense, most of these are written in English and my goal is to provide this information in Spanish many more users can understand and practice it. Most are sites that give you links referrals and that practically they want to sell you something, as an e-books, these varying in price from $ 45 to $ 450, most of these do not work as they say it and just want bands than yourself so the ebook to win them and give you some commission. I recommend you not to buy any of these books. One of the best ways to make money online is by creating your own blog and putting ads in the best service for this purpose is Google Adsense, this register is completely free and is very easy. To create a Google blog also has the service called Blogger, which likewise is free and allows you to do a blog without any programming knowledge, you just register and start writing. Since you have your blog, the most important part to make money is to gain a good position in search engines and search engines I am referring mainly to Google, Yahoo and MSN, as these are three that cover almost all of the Web search . To get a good position in these specific steps must be followed to complete. It is something called Search Engine SEO Optimization means optimizing your blog for search engines more easily recognize it and also praise good Keywords or keywords. You should also create the blog with a Google-friendly structure, as well recognize more easily the subject of your blog and you will get more similar ads to the site.