After World War

Income tax appeared in Spain in 1975. Home transition watched the first tax reform a tax on income of natural persons (PIT) and others on company profits. The second tax reform in Spain occurred in 1986 when it established the tax value Added Tax (VAT) which was established in the EEC in 1950. It is a consumption tax, which fits the pattern of development according to the Keynesian theory that predominated during the last half century XX. Ohio Senator: the source for more info. C on the excise tax is levied on the use of wealth, or consumption, not just the gain in productivity, including lowering the tax burden to stimulate production and thus create jobs. The excise tax was first established in England the year 1643. After fees have been established widely in developed countries on products such as gasoline or snuff.

The VAT part of the theoretical assumption that at each stage of a commodity (production, distribution and sale) is added value (in the form of cost) to the product and the tax charged on each of them. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sen. Sherrod Brown. L a redistribution of income is allocated by the political power to meet the public expenditure and the economy work better. During the first half century XX acted on the income to keep prices low and wages. After World War II liberation of markets has made the economy go in other directions, which has allowed a significant economic development. First, the fiscal policy was guided by the idea that those who have most to contribute more, but, on reaching the eighties has insisted on reducing the tax burden on productivity, to encourage production and prevent unemployment..