Model of populism that Kirchner praise to eliminate poverty is decreasing in all or in part the profitability of those who do well, to assign it goes that wrong. Leave aside what’s false about this argument in a country where the State and his friends concentrated by right or left resources. Suppose, instead, that an honest Government distributed effectively among which least earn what they earn others. This line of action will relieve certainly in something for the poor, for example, with hospitals, but would instead discourage the more effective pushing other most promising countries. Very important is also the consideration that makes us Grondona, that another formula, which is bringing the development up next to our borders, is to respect the right of property of those who earn in exchange for a fair and predictable tax pressure that, encouraged by the legal security of a predictable country, reinvest your surplus in that same country where have retrieved. This, predictable reinvestment of those who earn, would be in such a case the main lever where would come from new and more satisfactory sources of work with destination to those who still run behind. It is this only via that grew the developed countries where poverty, today, is only a bad memory. This is another model where the poor and the peoples have enriched… Definitely, Kirchner, President, team, must rethink the way in as far they are facing the problems that they themselves are generating and find alternatives that favour him in the exercise of his management in such a way that ensures harmony, productivity and participation of the Argentines for the rescue of the country towards a development already long time should have been achieved.