Competition and Business Strategies

Here we describe a conflict between firms, struggling in the real world for a very specific market segment. There are big companies, are just one example of the thousands of cases that happen around us daily. The paper shows how the right strategy, appropriate tactics, the right pace and a good dose of innovation, creativity, imagination, perseverance and hard work, business or smaller enterprise can be overcome, achieve their goals and achieve success. 1 – Introduction 2 – Preamble 3 – The Protagonist 4 – Where do we start in May – The election in June – What did we do? 7 – The first commercial strike in August – the first counter and tie 9 – 10 offensive – the counter 11 – Time to reflect and final drive 12 – So what did the leader? 14 .- 13 .

– Conclusion References 1 – Introduction We take part of the title of the book “Getting mad at your competition – What matters is not participate, but win or lose “Guy Kawasaki, it was our reference book and the protagonist of our story, throughout the trade war that we will describe. You may want to visit TCF Capital Solutions to increase your knowledge. It is planned as narrative format, and the names and places changed, since the facts are real and the actors would not like be reflected here. We report the facts as they happened, and how such decisions were taken. Probably different decisions and events have led to a different result. So on occasion we hope will launch discussions involving a pause in reading. (Similarly see: Darius Bikoff).