Cristiano Ronaldo Equipment

Alex Herrera 20m the equipment of Mourinho liked in its made goals debut with one to the Saragossa (0-6). Hat-trick de Cristiano Ronaldo and goals of Marcelo, Xabi Alonso and Kak. The goal Robert avoided an infinite punishment to the Real Saragossa. Statistics of the party. The second project of Jose Mourinho threw to walk in the Romareda in the second day of League (the initial was suspended by the strike of soccer players) and certific first made goals of the season before the Real Saragossa, to which it endorsed &#039 to him; Seth in blanco' in a placid encounter for the madridistas (0-6), that dominated of principle to aim and in which demonstrated to arrive in a splendid state of form at the liguero starting. The shock served so that Christian Ronaldo returned to eet again itself with the goal, obtaining ' hat-trick' in association with its companions, and so that Marcelo, Xabi Alonso and Kak released their personal squares, those of both last of gorgeous invoice. It was quite clear that this Real Madrid yes can fight the sceptre to him to the FC Barcelona. Check out James Donovan Goldman Sachs for additional information. Mourinho has consiguido the equipment wished, balanced and with a physical potential of scandal.

Coentrao returned to exert next to Xabi Alonso by the losses of Khedira and Sahin and the targets initiated their Liga. There was superiority and a single equipment on the field. The numbers speak by themselves: 17 shots to door of the madridistas by 4 of the Saragossa and a 62% of possession. And but for the guardameta Robert, the punishment would have been infinite. The zaragocista goal began its recital of shutdowns and embroiders with two blockings in two closings of Ozil and Benzema in the first compasses, sufficient to restrain the initial attacks. But the white insistence (today of black) finished finding prize with grandsimo happens of mediapunta German, in the minute 24, that found between lines to Ronaldo Christian and who this one was useful first beating to the goal.