Middle Government

Censorship is a power that exercises any person or influential group that it has to prevent will say, do or disclose things that we don’t want to give out, i.e. controlling freedom of expression, which is one of the individual guarantees that our magna carta defends in the article 6 that dictates: the expression of ideas shall not be subject to any administrative or judicial Inquisition, but in the event of attack on the morals, the rights of third parties, provoke a crime or disturb the order public; the right of replica will be exercised under the terms stipulated by the law. Amazon brings even more insight to the discussion. The right to information shall be guaranteed by the State. There are many texts that denounce censorship by the Government to their articles, journalists who are fighting for the truth and that it is given to know, the Government tries to control the situation by means of violating this individual guarantee and censoring their reports or opinions, and much of the times do not comply with this try silence people through feartorture, murder journalists and sometimes trying to discredit them causing them to lose their credibility. Despite that our country boasts a Government open to criticism and that accepts the proposals and opinions, in practice it proves otherwise. It is alarming the number of journalists who are killed and deprived of their rights by the fact of criticising and questioning power and forms of people who monopolize it.

In the Government of Vicente Fox broke with the outline of how it looked the figure of the President. The Lord allowed the presidential figure was ridiculed in the Middle parodies showing all the defects of our President, commercial deeming it mandilon, alluding to his way of dressing cartoons could be seen and programs whole hinting of the great minds of our President of change. The irony of the case was that while some journalists supported this campaign of ridicule the presidential figure others dealing with sensitive topics, uprisings and social demands were silent and persecuted. The great friendship between the 2 consortia television and the Government only shows us the degree of complicity which exists between these and the favors granted by the State to them are actually pay for the received favors.