Stop The Madness Of Euro! Stop The Debt Madness! intended to appeal to all consumers: every day on the new newspapers and news portals are peppered with current reports on the euro crisis, which has been brewing since 2010. To put an end to this, the German consumer portal has launched an initiative which all savers and taxpayers will be prompted: stop the euro madness! The claims by apparently has enough of the daily madness of euro and would like to sit up now for consumers and their savings. The following core requirements were provided in the framework of the initiative of the Portal: stop the euro madness! Stop the ECB inflation policy! Protects our savings! Take the banks and gamers in the obligation. Stop the ESM! The savings portal and many experts concluded for quite some time now, that sooner or later the taxpayer in Germany must foot the Bill for the huge rescue packages. Finally, the ECB therefore is already employed to alleviate the impact of the now two-year euro crisis through inflationary policy. This strategy lays the groundwork for inflation in Germany, which certainly can end up in a hyper-inflation, if this course is reinforced even further.

German savers, who will no longer have much from the inventory of his accounts is victim at the end. Privatize profits and socialize losses? While before the crisis still diligently ripped off at the major banks and distributed profits in dizzying heights to the owners, the losses should be well socialized, so borne by the taxpayer. This way will probably drive many small investors in ruin, seems no special role to play. The largest litter of Audacity now represents the ESM, the European stabilisation mechanism. Loot not only the pockets of savers, it drains a large part of his administration on the State budget the Bundestag also. What would be the consequences of the current financial policy? Is the euro madness is not stopped, it can cause massive expropriation of German savers. Prices rise, the value of money decreases and Germany slips directly in inflation. Therefore the appeal of to all consumers: stop the euro madness now!