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The two Xavi (Alonso and Hernandez), along with Busquets Inhiesta, formed an area of flyers for great balance to lock adversaries and to initiate moves for attack or to arrange them as it did in the end with the final goal of Inhiesta. David Villa. He appeared in key moments of great tension to define truly complicated matches as happened against Paraguay, when his goal put an end to the tensions caused by a South American team grown, brave and become one of the pleasant revelations of the World Cup. The conviction of all Spaniards and the support given to your selected. Although the defeat with Switzerland caused concerns always had faith in a team that had been formed not only to be the main protagonist but to win and do it with authority. Finally achieved what could not be even in 1982 when he hosted a party at the end enjoyed Enzo Berzot, Paolo Rossi, Marco Tardelli and all the figures of the selection Italian, winner of the final at the Santiago Bernabeu.

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