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Surfers have always seen the coast of Morocco as a place of legend, almost magical, where to surf. But in recent years, these same coasts have received a lot of local talent, and surfers from around the world have begun to enjoy its impressive waves. Many famous surfers like Shaun Candell, Lowrie Turner, Alan Stokes, Taj Burrows and Josh Ash, among many others, have come to Morocco to enjoy and experience the excellent conditions for surfing. The surf has been practiced in Morocco for almost as long as it has been practiced in other parts of the world. Surfing in Morocco was initiated by a group of Australian and American surfers in the 70s, who were fascinated by the exoticism and magic of the country. But in recent times, the sport of surfing has been steadily gaining momentum in Morocco, where numerous organizations have emerged to educate local people on its tourism potential.

Several surf schools and international competitions have been organized to promote surfing in Morocco a country that boasts some of the best places to surf, all in the same region. Some of the best places for surfing in Morocco are around Agadir, a city in southern Morocco on the Atlantic coast. The small fishing village of Taghazoute, about 20 km north of Agadir, has been possibly the headquarters of the Moroccan surf for years and its wonderful beaches and great waves attract a growing number of surfers and visitors to this region. About Taghozoute can find the famous Anchor Point Anchor Point or possibly the place better known for surfing in the region or even across the country.