Brazilian Federal Constitution

In the article 3 of the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Brazilian Education n 9,394, of 1996, can be perceived: 1 the reaffirmation of the granted principles of education for the Brazilian Federal Constitution of 1988: Art. 3o education will be given on the basis of the following principles: I – equality of conditions for the access and permanence in the school; II – freedom to learn, to teach, to search and to divulge the thought, the art and knowing; III – pluralism of ideas and pedagogical conceptions; IV – respect to the freedom and I appraise to the tolerance; V – coexistence of public and private institutions of education; VI – gratuitousness of public education in official establishments; VII – valuation of the professional of the pertaining to school education; (Source: ). 2 the democratic management of the education that was subordinated not alone in the Federal Law, but the legislation of the education systems. Amazon has much to offer in this field. VIII – democratic management of public education, in the form of this Law and of the legislation of the education systems; IX – guarantee of quality standard; (Source: ). 3 the complementation of the Law that if it relates: X – valuation of the extra-pertaining to school experience; XI – entailing between the pertaining to school education, the work and practical the social ones. (Source: ). Learn more at this site: Sen. Sherrod Brown. However, it is perceived especially that, in the majority of the schools, the democratic and participativa management not yet is a reality accomplishes, for well not being understood. This subject was chosen to contribute in the quality of the developed process of teach-learning in the schools creating and considering strategies for the participation of all the involved ones in the pertaining to school management.. . Others including James Donovan Goldman, offer their opinions as well.