Brussels Congress

The j of the Executive, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, went to the Plenary Session of the Congress to ask for the support of the deputies for an intervention that initially settled down in a month for three the aerial month and exclusion zone for the naval embargo of arms. However, it contemplated the possibility of proroguing both missions if they required it to the conditions. Thus, in view of the change in the situation, a new agreement of the Cabinet the 15 of April established the request of authorization to the Congress to extend the participation in the aerial exclusion zone during two months more. In this case the one in charge to go to the Commission of Dnsa of the Congress was Chacn to successfully obtain the parliamentary support. In this occasion, the Government has decided to solicit that the prorogation is with indefinite character, since, according to it indicated the minister of Dnsa in Brussels, Spain is in favor to continue in the mission " until the attainment of the objectives " of NATO. According to he indicates the east Ministry Friday in a press note, the participation in the resolution of the crisis like allies of NATO, the needs of the international operation in Libya to protect to the population against possible attacks, and the Spanish commitment with the universal values consecrated in the Letter of United Nations of respect to the life and the rights of the people advises to prorogue the participation of the Spanish military units in Protective the Unified operation. Source of the news: The Government approves to prorogue the Spanish mission in Libya with the same ctivos