Concepts And Importance Of Economic Geography

Concepts and Importance of Economic Geography Carlos Alexander Barbosa Sobreira Graduating Geography? UFCG/PB SUMMARY This study looks for to present an analysis of Economic Geography and Geographic Science, detaching its importance in the economic and space systems. The objective is to catalogue the main theoretical and metodolgicas contributions that, in the historical process, make possible the result of a new field of study of the space. The methodology of used research left of the study of the historical factors and the conceptual analysis of some authors who had approached the importance of the Economy in the field of geographic study. Word-Key Geography, Economy, Geography-Economic, Economic Science. INTRODUCTION This work is a conceptual analysis of Geography and Economic Geography, approaching its importance in the study of the social and economic development in the standards of space differentiations. The main objective is to present the oppositions and conceptions that, in the period of crisis, make possible a significant change in two sciences. The methodology of research used in this work broke of the detailed, but not exhausting study of the concepts of Geography, making a relation between the Economy and the social development, from the results of the economic production in the geographic space. GEOGRAPHIC SCIENCE AND the ECONOMIC GEGRAFIA Diverse authors, as Andrade (1998); Towers (2004); Egler (1994); Chorincas (2001); Moreira (1981), in the attempt to search a concept only of Geography, if had come across with great questionings.

However, it did not prevent that it was produced. To understand the importance of Geography as Science and Economic Geography, is necessary to understand the concepts of these two important categories of study. Some conceptions exist that give an ample vision of the knowledge of Geography. The social, economic relations, politics, cultural, at last, the levels of reproduction of the geographic space that puts into motion the development and the societies, can define the epistemolgica evolution of Geographic Science and Economic Science (Moreira, 1981).