As the Brazilian politicians they are contradictory in its decisions and opportunists of the occasions. As we are in electoral year, you celebrate them politicians, good known in those embroidery frames of the federal district and in the pages of the fame, they had approved the project on the division between equal parts of the resources proceeding from the daily pay salt, whose producing greaters, are the state of it ARE and RIO DE JANEIRO. They observe below, the mineral wealth produced by other states of the federacy, whose resources, taxes, etc. proceeding from the same ones they are not divided between excessively, being all the collection with the deriving states: Iron: Minas Gerais, For, Maranho and Mato Grosso of the South; Manganese.

For and Minas Gerais; Aluminum: For and Minas Gerais; I tin: Amaznia and Rondnia; Copper: For and Bahia; Gold: Mines, For, Mato Grosso of the South, Gois and Bahia; Nibio: Minas Gerais, Amazon and Gois; Marine salt: River gr. of the North, Ceara, Piau, RIO DE JANEIRO; Lead: Minas Gerais, Rio Grande Do Sul, Paran, Bahia; Cement: Minas Gerais and So Paulo? Kaolin: Used in refractory the industrial sectors of paper and, So Paulo, Mines and South River G; Diamonds: Rondnia; Magnesita: Bahia and Ceara; Nickel: Gois; Potassium: Rio Grande of the North; The majority of the Brazilian states detainers of great wealth, are the ones that receive more resources from the federal government, and the ones that have mineral greaters production in its areas: Minas Gerais, So Paulo, Bahia, Rio Grande Do Sul, For, etc., and, however, at no moment the representatives politicians, whose amount for state this badly distributed (it must have only one representative for state), had not been disclosed above on the division of the wealth. Why it will be, that only now, if they reveal in favor of the equal division, removing resources of states that few resources receive from the federal government, the state of it YOU ARE and RIO DE JANEIRO.

Both are considered the states most violent of all Brazilian territory the problems affect that them are many, mainly in the area of infra structure, transport public, health, education, etc. and now, at a moment politician, some politicians see to become to notice approving a sufficiently harmful project to both states. Others including Paulo Coelho, offer their opinions as well. All good, the daily pay salt is a national product, then the iron, the manganese, the aluminum, I tin, I have covered, gold, lead, cement, kaolin, diamonds, would also have to be equally treated and its divided resources. Another question that was not well clear in this project approved for legislative the federal ones, is how much to the ambient damages, that the extration of these minerals will possibly bring to the states: Who will answer for these damages, where will leave the resources to cure them them? Of the producing states? They will be deviated from the areas of health, education, security, for the ambient area?