Inhabited Space

METAMORPHOSIS OF the INHABITED SPACE the man possesss the ability to obtain to explore the places recntidos of the planet, a test of this is the interplanetary trips made by the same, without forgetting that the land continues being its dwelling. The inhabited space, backwards in its meaning one I fear of adaptation of the man to the place to be inhabited by the same, what it by itself makes of the human being a social being, the result of this everything is a change in such a way in the qualitative form, how much quantitative on the space. Adaptation of vegetables and animals made for the advance of the knowledge of the man with passing of the centuries, had diminished the risk of the hunger, and the demographic acceleration was the resultant of such advance. Each inhabited space of the globe was being inhabited of different form, in such a way internal migrations how much external, they had collaborated as primordial factor for this inaquality in the occupation of the space. In World War II, it made with I number that it of migrations increased, and the changes frequent politics in the countries underdeveloped they had taken the high migrations of work.

The urbanization makes with that the geographic distribution moves and it is a favorable phenomenon in the countries of third world, therefore favors the regions most dynamic. Artificial the geographic way is each more common time in our daily one, the cultural landscape comes substituting the natural landscape, and the workmanships constructed for the man, come hiding the nature. The technological and scientific innovations come playing an important role in the agriculture that in turn was benefited of these innovations to be able to intensify its production in the field, the modernization that the transports had suffered had made with that the distances were lesser between the cities and inside of the same ones.