Jose Branches Journalist

Of this time another woman arrives to make history. Amongst as much that already had passed for the bolter of the inhabitants of this land, a Lady? I would not say of iron but of soul gaucho with umbigo embedded in Mines, Dilma Rousseff, he hugs the power and already it is reason more than enough to make to silence unhappy skeptics who teimam in discrediting of how much a woman can. To congratulate it is little! As well as the heroine Anita Garibaldi in the Rio Grande Do Sul it had to face the biggest adversities to win unjust and bloody a battle. Dilma dresses the weapons of a Democracy dispatches by post to the test to defeat false democrats who go up and go down of the wall the all instant! Dull career that confronts interest and weakens bases of an archaic system that still hides on the mantle of hypocritical the vultures camalees bandeando itself of trenches of the defeat for the rows of the sovereigns. To be, or to be President in this country of opportunists is to have to coexist this vile one of opportunists without no ideal that is not what it provides return to it. I wait sincerely that mine, our President Dilma Rousseff, it knows to choose its, and, more than what everything, to have of them the return with productive work in favor of all.

Desire burning hotly that it has of its followers the best examples of service given to the people chose who it. How it is not, a dependent leader of a confused secretaryship to pull stops backwards as she is common in City halls, especially, here, in the North of the state of the Rio Grande Do Sul, where secretaries are nominated to make ugly and to constranger with its truculentas and irresponsible attitudes! They make, and nothing it is charged to them, for the omission, or cowardice of placed who them in the rank that was trusted to them. Meanwhile the community waits for the substitution of the same ones that they continue to occupy the chair stained for its incompetence and for the incompetence of nominates who them. If it will be of the interest of this or of that one, little matters! After all the wage secretary fat person is registered mark that does not allow the death of this intolerante vice of the differences! the democracy? She is ours and according to constitution is there for being fulfilled. That good that he knew to choose, the Brazilian people, and placed at the hands of Dilma, an only chance for who knows with feminine sensitivity to make with that wage differences diminish, valuing the man, becoming possible the provisions of the family. Provisions this that does not need arrangements with CCs, or agradinhos. But yes with wage!