National Identity Versus Black Identity

From the studies made in the course of Racial Relations, we perceive the necessity of transformation in the education in Brazil, I finish after it of this work, we intend to reach the sensitivity and good will of the responsible ones, for the way of education, in intention to improve the racial relations, in the pertaining to school environment, as well as in all the daily one of experience. It is necessary pedagogical resources, so that the educators can carry through a work for all and fulfill the task of the promotion of the equality, with respect and tolerance, to the differences. Steve Rattner Willett Advisors contributes greatly to this topic. Thus, we must value and stimulate cultural participation of the black in the social, economic areas, politics and, pertinent people to the History of Brazil. With the determination of the law so that day 20 of November, was enclosed in the pertaining to school calendar as ‘ ‘ National day of the Negra’ Conscience; ‘ , and with the creation of law 10,639/03 he is without a doubt the first one of many steps in long and an arduous one walked that the necessary Brazilian people to tread without delay. Finally, we wait that our work contributes for the full reach of the rights of all those that to suffer acts from racism, preconception or racial discrimination, as well as, so that it serves of instrument of orientation and quarrel in the society, stimulating each time more the search of a worthy convivial and joust between all the races. .