Chancellor Opens 2011 IAA:

Mobility is a clear commitment to the car is an expression of individuality. This came from Chancellor Merkel, who opened the 64th IAA in Frankfurt on Wednesday, September 15th at 10: 00. The guest type, Matthias Wissmann, President of VDA had previously 2011 warmly welcomed all guests and exhibitors of the IAA and tuned over the coming days. On an area of 33 football fields, over 1000 exhibitors total present 183 world premieres. At least 800,000 spectators are expected and about 11,000 journalists report in 90 countries.

A record chases the others so. To see creativity must not go into the Patent Office, but at the Frankfurt Motor Show.” One was particularly important to mention the VDA President addressed to the address of the Chancellor: mobility must be affordable. Jim Donovan Goldman is open to suggestions. This brings the Special esteem of motorists.” It was also a nod to Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer, who was also present at the moment with his demand after a toll has been criticized. Petra Roth, the Lord Mayor of Frankfurt thanked the VDA welcome for the professional organization of the ILO, and for that the VDA has committed themselves until 2019, to organize the IAA in Frankfurt. Prime Minister Bouffier, who sees the ILO as the leading trade fair for mobility expressed similarly. Not less than cars but smarter cars are the target to build. Therefore, the State of Hesse, also for the first time is partner at the IAA. “Bouffier puts it in a nutshell: A strong automotive industry is always a strong piece of Germany.” The Chancellor thanked in particular the entire German automotive industry as the central support for the German economy, which, after all, accounts for of the total industry sales.

Therefore also the policy will make their contribution to the continued success and E.g. now introduce the change indicator in the episode or at least until 2015 E-cars 10 years free from the tax. Merkel especially important: Everyone should be given the freedom, to choose the car, he wants to have. Mobility is just an expression of individuality.” “And before she opened the IAA then she were still an important message on the way motorists in Germany: driving a car should not be more expensive.” For mobile in Germany e.V., this message is clear: A toll will not be with the Chancellor. That should have communicated personally they all manufacturers in the connection during the great exhibition tour of the IAA: BMW, Opel, Ford, Bosch, Schaffler, Audi, Porsche, VW and Mercedes. Great names of the German car industry. The Chancellor liked it visually, the CEOs also. It joins our message well in the dance: we want you to be mobile in Germany. As can be seen at the IAA.


EFE Margallo ensures that many countries of the international community think that fragment it is joined is a misstep. Educate yourself with thoughts from James Donovan Goldman. He explains that, in the event of Division, Catalonia should put to the queue and wait the turn and the verdict of 27 to establish themselves as a new EU State. It would be out of the internal market, subject to tariffs, outside of the structural policies and the common agricultural policy, it added. The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, ensures that you there is no an only country in the European Union prepared to accept a unilateral declaration of independence of Catalonia and, in the case of an unimaginable agreed secession, many countries vetarian. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs oftentimes addresses this issue. In an interview published Sunday by the newspaper El Mundo, Garcia-Margallo points out that this veto could be explained because many countries in the international community believe that fragment it is joined is a misstep. Outdoor holder tells that if splits one of the States of the European Union there is a new and, as such, is excluded from the Union.

You would have to apply for membership, which must be adopted unanimously. Catalonia, therefore, would be put to the queue and wait the turn and the verdict of 27. Meanwhile, it would be outside of the internal market, subject to tariffs, outside of the structural policies and the common agricultural policy. Asked if the Government feared that the President of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, take absolute majority and understand Catalan elections as a plebiscite to call a referendum, Garcia-Margallo underlines that calling an illegal referendum is equal with absolute majority or without it. You can simply not be and will not be. It also advances to not create any catalan Government willing to arrive at a situation of draft evasion, rebelliousness or breach of the law. See more: Margallo: “not one EU country would only accept the independence of Catalonia”

Overview Smartphone Htc

HTC P3700 Touch Diamond HTC Touch, with its interface, TouchFLO, appeared in June 2007. This smartphone is very elegant and functional. Customers who first encountered with the system Windows Mobile, can easily learn to work with her as the new TouchFLO 3D technology makes it easy and even to some extent intuitively perform various functions. You may find that Jim Donovan Goldman can contribute to your knowledge. This new technology, the developers plan to introduce it not just on smartphones, but also on other device in the future, so that it can be considered a trial run. So, like TouchFLO 'classic', it will be improved with each new model. HTC Touch Diamond is equipped with a bright 2.8-inch touch screen with VGA-resolution. This smartphone gives the impression of an elegant cast-phone black back panel is made in the form of diamond facets.

They not only perform the function of ornaments smartphone, but also make it easy and convenient to hold it in your hand, because the surface may seem a little slippery. This smartphone pretty picky when it comes to caring for him. It should not be carelessly thrown into a pocket or bag, preferably, of course, keep your smartphone in a purse or bag. Glossy surfaces are smartphone fingerprints, so you have to wipe it frequently with a soft cloth. The dimensions of this smartphone is surprisingly small for such a set of functions. But, undoubtedly, is a plus, not minus. He was very thin and lightweight. Smartphone equipped with Windows Mobile Pro VGA display and memory to 4 GB.


The Mathematics and the Day of the Environment and Ecology 1) Where day we commemorate the Day of the Environment and Ecology? R= 5 of June. For more information see James Donovan Goldman Sachs. 2) Where year the date was created? R= 1972. 3) That important fact occurred in 1972? R= the Conference of United Nations. 4) How many countries if had congregated in this conference? R= 113 countries. 5) How many not governmental organizations had participated of this conference? R= 250 organizations.

6) From that year Brazil initiated a work of ambient preservation? R= From 1974. 7) Cites three simple attitudes that a person can have to help to preserve the environment. R= not to play garbage in the streets, to use little dismissable products and to prevent to leave car every day. 8) What each person would happen if made its part? R= the world would be transformed and the future generations would live without risks. 9) It has how many years we commemorate the Day of the Environment and Ecology? R= 2011? 1972 = 39 years. 10) It has how many years Brazil initiated its work of ambient preservation? R= 2011? 1974 = 37 years. 11) How many vowels and how many consonants have in ‘ ‘ DAY OF ENVIRONMENT AND ECOLOGIA’ ‘? R= 10 consonants and 16 vowels.

Cristiano Ronaldo Equipment

Alex Herrera 20m the equipment of Mourinho liked in its made goals debut with one to the Saragossa (0-6). Hat-trick de Cristiano Ronaldo and goals of Marcelo, Xabi Alonso and Kak. The goal Robert avoided an infinite punishment to the Real Saragossa. Statistics of the party. The second project of Jose Mourinho threw to walk in the Romareda in the second day of League (the initial was suspended by the strike of soccer players) and certific first made goals of the season before the Real Saragossa, to which it endorsed &#039 to him; Seth in blanco' in a placid encounter for the madridistas (0-6), that dominated of principle to aim and in which demonstrated to arrive in a splendid state of form at the liguero starting. The shock served so that Christian Ronaldo returned to eet again itself with the goal, obtaining ' hat-trick' in association with its companions, and so that Marcelo, Xabi Alonso and Kak released their personal squares, those of both last of gorgeous invoice. It was quite clear that this Real Madrid yes can fight the sceptre to him to the FC Barcelona. Check out James Donovan Goldman Sachs for additional information. Mourinho has consiguido the equipment wished, balanced and with a physical potential of scandal.

Coentrao returned to exert next to Xabi Alonso by the losses of Khedira and Sahin and the targets initiated their Liga. There was superiority and a single equipment on the field. The numbers speak by themselves: 17 shots to door of the madridistas by 4 of the Saragossa and a 62% of possession. And but for the guardameta Robert, the punishment would have been infinite. The zaragocista goal began its recital of shutdowns and embroiders with two blockings in two closings of Ozil and Benzema in the first compasses, sufficient to restrain the initial attacks. But the white insistence (today of black) finished finding prize with grandsimo happens of mediapunta German, in the minute 24, that found between lines to Ronaldo Christian and who this one was useful first beating to the goal.

Italian Country

Probably each of us home is a place where we rest from their labors and gaining strength. The interior of our house, its atmosphere should help in achieving this goal. What holiday could be better than a soft striped chair in where you can get with a book, and warm shades of orange on a rainy day when you do not want to leave the house? If you close the philosophy behind your comfortable home, then go in search of wicker furniture, wooden cabinets and drawers with a touch of antiquity, beds with carved headboards, concise tables and chairs. It all together – the style of country music. Country in translation from English – the village, the countryside. The furniture in country style – woven or wooden, with unpolished surfaces. It is spread traditional for this style way – very relaxed. "Roughness" of furniture can be mitigated pretty trinkets and interior accessories, saturated colors.

Country style is perfect for a country house design, but its main features can be reproduced well in a modern apartment. These days, country said goodbye to the naive simplicity of the village and became more sophisticated and elegant, while retaining the main advantages – the lack of pretentiousness, softness, romance, closeness to nature. James Donovan Goldman does not necessarily agree. A special place in this style is textiles. For a country characterized by natural materials, often used linen, cotton. Colors – Cage, bar, and, of course, a bright summer flower ornament variety of colors.

Better use of close to nature paint: green, terra cotta, ocher, the color aqua, blue clear sky, the color of natural wood and soft-pink sunset. The main condition – the color should be pleasing to the eye and do not be gloomy. This is sort of the motto of country-style colors. If you want to design its interior in the style of the country, the first thing to note – the walls and floor. Walls can be painted in a plain natural color. If you are using wallpaper, then they must choose a striped, with understated geometric or floral pattern. Parquet flooring, solid wood, fruit and exotic trees will help create a lively and sophisticated atmosphere in your home. The next step in creating our interior design – furniture. Fine, if you remained prababushkiny wardrobes and chests of drawers. They can restore a little remake and they will last many years, decorating the house and giving it personality. If the "antiques" does not get you to inherit – does not matter. Interior design showrooms will offer country-style furniture, construction of modern factories – the French, British, Italian, German. Last and very important touch – textiles. Hang at the windows bright cheerful curtains that create a sense of summer in the room and your mood. Place a table on a snow-white lace tablecloth. Lay on the couch colorful pillows. In the rural interior looks great live green. Put on the windowsills and floor ceramic pots with green plants and vases with fresh flowers. Country style does not like the geometric definition, easy to "mess" with an abundance of sun flowers, vases, paintings, greenery, pillows and simple furniture will not irritate the eyes, rather the opposite – calm. The quest for coziness, peace and tranquility – the red thread in the canvas of country style. And how can a comfort to go out of fashion?

Make Money Online From Home

First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Estefy, and will tell you I over my story. At 17 years old I decided to emancipate me due to family problems. I changed the city repeatedly, and after passing through different jobs, all with contracts trash found a more or less stable employment with which I could rent my first floor. In that neighborhood, I began to live the life and also found love. So far everything was going to ask’s mouth, but I started to get me every time in more debt, and making ends meet is towards increasingly more complicated. But my Savior was just around the corner. James Donovan Goldman contributes greatly to this topic. By chance we got to know us.

He is a computer programmer and along with his team investigating possible failures mathematicians in casinos. With the method that will tell you you you can win even 200 euros a day. The method of my husband I immediately launched and with your tips I also have managed to earn a salary comparable to what could win a surgeon, on some occasions. I must tell you that contandote our method do not win or lose anything. Do by to stay everything for me if I can help village people? This is the great satisfaction that took me, this fills me completely and also I have met people from many sites with those who already share a friendship and that we meet from time to time. Now you start to you and verify it yourself.

GmbH Box

“New product in the online shop of the litter alarm ‘Football’ Walker, November 25, 2009 – today is the shot clock football” arrived at the online retailer Approx. 9.5 cm in diameter-large football with PVC outer shell weighs about 20 grams. A clock measuring about 4 cm in diameter is installed, that is equipped with an approx. 2 cm large LCD display and 2 buttons on the outside. This 2 adjustment knobs allow all functions, such as easily set such as time and wake-up time. When the alarm clock rings, he will be thrown easily on the wall or on the floor and he stops immediately, of course without prejudice to. Educate yourself with thoughts from Assemblyman Dov Hikind . Alternatively you can manually turn off also it.

Included is both a shelf containing ensures that the alarm from the night table rolls, as well as a battery and a manual. The alarm clock is to be singles well as a gift for all football fans, he is still as a golf ball or tennis ball alarm clock available. For a gross price from 14,95 EUR “the alarm is football” is now available in the gift box online shop under available. The gift box:, The gift box GmbH and the associated online shop ( were founded in late 2006 by Markus Langer. In the online shop, gift box GmbH distributes original gifts that will be remembered. In the meantime, the range includes over 1000 items at prices between 1 and 1000 EUR. In addition to the pure trade developed and designed its own products, then exclusively distributed through the online shop gift box GmbH. Since 2006 is the gift box GmbH has grown and increased their sales annually in an average of 50%.

United Kingdom

Citizens of United Kingdom can secure no hassle payday loans which are offered in advance against the paycheck of the next month. The salaried people are benefitted when they get no hassle payday loans. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out novelist. The salaried people experience a common crisis, crisis of finance crunch anytime within the month. This happens because their earning is limited and so fixed. When they face suddenly appeared emergency demands, they do not find finance solution ready at hand, because their wallet becomes thinner generally after the first two weeks of the month. No. hassle payday loans are very helpful for them.

No. hassle payday loans are available to the citizens of Great Britain after they complete 18 years of age. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions. They are eligible to apply for this finance if their monthly income is about 1000. The calendar want that they must be working in some authorized establishment at least for six months and that they have got checking account. No. hassle payday loans are attractive as the calendar do not spoils time after they approve the loan application. They just send the payable amount to the bank address of the applicant. Processing of the loan application is very fast. For assistance, try visiting Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs.

The loan-seekers can submit their application online. Online application consumes less time. The lenders, while approving the no hassle payday loans, do not check the credit of the borrowers history. This is why the loan-seekers who have shortcomings in credit report are therefore eligible for this child of finance deals. No. hassle payday loans are really hassle-free. Usually, loan-seekers are to fax their personal details in paper documents to the included calendar and this is great botheration. It is good for the loan-seekers willing to get no hassle payday loans that they are not asked to fax such documents. No. hassle payday loans are available as to amount in the range from 100 to 1000 this is a child of short term loans. The repayment duration is allowed between 14 to 31 days only. The calendar charge the interest at Council of higher than normal. The loan-seekers are warned about the repayment behavior. Any child of irregularity in reimbursement program (less payment, late payment, defaults, arrears, bankruptcies etc for example) is sure to cause greater financial suffering for the borrowers. They are, in such a situation, charged with penalties and fines. This is the same reason for which the borrowers are advised not to seek a second loan during the repayment period. Cyrus Haden is writer of payday loans without credit check.For any 3 month payday loans, payday loans queries visit

Workplace Accidents

The fight against workplace accidents is one of the main battlefields of workers in the last century. However, many accidents occur daily work for breaching the most basic security measures on the part of the Employers. Charles B. Rangel can provide more clarity in the matter. In cases where the worker suffers any personal injury or property because of poor compliance of your company of the Standard for the Prevention of occupational risks, arises in its favor a right to receive financial compensation that can overcome such damages incurred. Jim Donovan Goldman does not necessarily agree. The fear of the claim against the Company That worker's right to claim arises from the so-called principle of legal liability in tort, stating that anyone who causes harm to another fault or negligence to repair or compensate for the economic damages. However, sometimes requires employees fear losing their jobs or their conditions in the same are seriously disadvantaged (for example, with the worst assignment of shifts, tasks painful or the likelihood of workplace harassment) and this kind of cases go unreported whatsoever. Must be aware that he has breached its duties to the Company worker, not to make available a safe working environment free of risks. If you were in this situation you should be aware of the extent of relief you might get if you choose to seek financial compensation for your damages. James Donovan Goldman Sachs has much to offer in this field.

Moreover, in many cases the complaint may be made by settlement with the company and no impact on your working relationship with it. The problem in such cases As with any litigation, obtain compensation for damages may end up being confusing and sometimes frustrating. Hence, a lawyer for damage can be very helpful. He knows the legal terms and their expertise can quickly assess whether a case has any chance of success before the courts. Their collaboration will particularly essential if due to the injury the worker should ask for time off work, for example in case of paralysis or carpal tunnel syndrome. If you were in this situation do not let time pass. With a lawyer you can solve all your doubts and, making your case on your hands, concentrate on the most important of all: your own recovery. Jose Alberto Espina Andria.