Spanish Agency

Facebook will undergo an investigation by the Spanish Agency of protection of data, for a possible non-compliance related to the safety of the personal data of its users. According to the Agency, it is likely that the social network exists a hole in security, what has failed to lead to advertisers and Facebook companies have taken advantage of to access personal data of users of the same. Apparently, it has been the FACU-consumers, who takes from the 2010 investigating these leaks, which have applied to the AEPD make an exhaustive monitoring of the apparent low security measure that Facebook offers its users. According to FACUA, since last year they have problems with certain applications that the social network offers to his followers and that downloaded and used within your profile. These technical errors are those that have caused the dissemination of data of its users and that they have gone to a hands of advertisers and companies. FACU-consumers, has been much emphasis on provisions of article 9 of the organic law 15/1999, of 13 December, of protection of Personal data, which in summary States that responsible for all such personal data must adopt all necessary measures to protect and ensure the safety of all stored in personal character. This has leaked information from other years, putting in evidence the social network by its multiple errors in the field of the safety of information. While the report says that clear evidence of the leak of data in favor of advertisers there is, they recommend to users having this type of installed applications that change their passwords to void so codes that have been able to enter and filter all your data..