Social Sciences

On this affirmation, Almeida (1998, p.19) declares that the positivismo acted as a lawyer in favor of the equality of education between men and women, however this equality was differentiated in its objectives, therefore it was not last end of the education for the women who these played wage-earning function. In this context, under the pressure of the industrial demand for qualification, the woman found in the teaching the door for its remunerated performance, therefore it was acceptable that the woman exerted a work that implied to take care of of somebody comparing its profession with the maternal priesthood. (id, p.32), vision this that would come to bring damages the valuation of the teaching while profession. ' ' (…) the entrance of the woman in the teaching provoked in imaginary the social one and the professional constitution of the category, an increasing social depreciation and salarial' ' (FONTANA and TUMOLO, 2005, p.2). Studies of Guimares (2003, p.18) show that it enters 40 years 30 and the image of the teacher assumes a connotation a little more professional with denominations as: ' ' educadora' ' , ' ' professional of education, ' ' ' ' workers of educao.' ' The author still affirms that to attend a course the Normal one (name given to the teaching course), it became maximum formation intended for the women.

This time also was marked by the massive entrance of women in Superior Ensino, mainly in the courses of Social Sciences. Without leaving the perspective of the thematic one argued on the woman and the education, intentionally one cut in the subject becomes to weave important consideraes on the working situation of the woman in Brazil that in this context passed for advances. As Mendes (1999, p.234) through the Decreto21. 417-A of 17/05/1932 that it among others regulated the work of the woman and measures, brought the prohibition to exert unhealthy, laborious or dangerous works, also foresaw license of four weeks before and after-childbirth as well as place of guard of the nursing children.

Public Power

The priority in the act of receiving of the restitution of the Income tax. (Statute of the Aged one, 2003) the order of norms that they compose the Statute had its formation with the Law in the 10,741/03, regulating art. 230 of the Constitution, granting partial contribution to the aged ones. Having as the one of its bigger contributions correction of the lack of care on the part of the Ministry of the Providence, when discriminating nonagenrios, when it suspended the payment of its benefits. Moreover, it extended the stated period for revision of retirements. The paper of the Union, the State and the Cities in 118 articles of the Statute is delimited through the attribution to the Public Power as partner in the concretion of the guarantees.

In such a way to prioritize the elderly in the efetivao of the basic rights in the priority in the shelter until the improvement of its conditions of life, guarantee of its physical, psychic and moral integrity, exempts of maltreatment, moreover having guaranteed the gratuitous medicine supply, relative prteses and other resources to the health. Beyond the attention in the field of the health, the Statute of the Aged one it allowed the access of the aged one to the education of a more efficient form, and of a universal form, it prescribes action for abusive acts of the public authority that lead to the disruption of the guarantees granted to the elderly. It is important to consider the relevance of the Statute of the Aged one in operating in the institution of a new panorama of organization of the society with emphasis in the problematic ones of the etrio group, glimpsing the possibilities of construction of new movements of intervention, where the especificidade of the confrontation if shows demystifying the factors that condition the elderly the situations of social risk. To recognize and to legitimize the rights conquered throughout a life of installment to the State beyond considering the possibility to continue participating of creative form in the society by means of the Statute are a great advance, especially in what it refers to socially to the change of paper of the aged one, by means of the organization of the law, of the construction of a new citizen politician who is atrelada to the image traditional individual.

Helen Mirren

In some point they will have of if to join, seno history does not leave. Deducting the esgarado concept of mega company bribing princes and companions for attainment of favors saw Congress, uncurling of the inquiries of Russel, its friendship fragilizada for events passed with Affleck, the head of Russel, Helen Mirren, publishing company with one plaquinha on its table ' ' editor&#039 never trusts one; ' , and its quandary in the question of the profit for periodical sales whatever the cost versus the conscience of the responsibility of the notice, everything this and more a little gives the oil necessary for moviola to turn. ' ' We need to mount an alternative history plausvel' ' , they are the words of Russel when perceiving that the rumors are dissociados of the facts, and for little they do not enter in the roll of the universal definitions on journalistic behavior. Interesting point of this script is the sample of some effect domins suffered by the press, during displayed instants that they are not cause, and yes effect, as the proper narrative will later go to chew for the spectator. ' ' This is a real history? alert the old guard for the blogueira partner? it has 2 corpses and one third in eats. It is not opened the interpretations and neither opinio&#039 is necessary to form one; '. The ability of Russel esmaece the cliches of the engaged journalist, with connections in all part for the profession time. In the final consideraes, if it only can filosofar that a good film of this sort finds endorsement in the amount and quality of nuances that presents, making with that the plot if develops of course in the sensors of the spectator. Locking up, two words and an article: valley the ingression.

Vacant Lands

legal 3.Precedentes: the referring legislative trajectory to the aboriginal questions Is considered to follow it, to evoke the involved lines of direction in the institutionalization of the Brazilian legislative process, in favor of the legal evolution and of the positivao of the rights directed to the aboriginal peoples. In this trajectory, several had been the legal forms used to contemplate and to interpret the questions problematizadas for the aboriginal peoples. The identified demand as more emblematic and justificadamente controversial, landmark of busy lands for the indians is mentioned to it since the first centuries. In the process of settling, a priori, the lands were of free Portuguese occupation. The measure that the Portuguese Crown institua some legalist actions, antagonistic and contradictory forms of regulation if firmed front to the demands imposed for the aboriginal peoples. However the legal instruments were not accomplished and little they influenced in the established partner-historical dynamics, however considered summary interventions that harmed the aboriginal peoples strong. In 1831, ' ' liberdade' ' of the indians it was restituted, and to the peace judges the function of tutors of the aboriginal peoples was delegated.

In such a way &#039 is born; ' julgamento' ' that it denotes the necessity of the indians to be tutored people for the State (OSSAMI, 2001). Already in 1850, with the edition of Vacant Lands, it is made sure the indians the territorial right of busy lands. It is standed out that intention of the document was one more time inferior front to the antagonistic interests that had not supplied to such legal disposal the deserved legitimacy – fact this that is demonstrated recurrent in the present time (SAINTS, 2009). This situation of contradictory laws only starts to be modified from the Republic, when the beginning of a new indigenista politics is identified. The insistent ones you strike between indians and not-indians, and the national economic configuration from the expansion of the agroindstrias, had demanded a state intervention.

Got Some

' ' In the Code' ' , launched in 1996, possua hits ' ' In My Tree' ' , ' ' Hail, Hail' ' , ' ' Red Mosquito' ' , ' ' Lukin' ' , ' ' Smile' ' ' ' Who You Are' '. The next album, ' ' Yield' ' , and the first record to the living creature of the group, ' ' Live on Two Legs' ' , they had been launched in 1998. In 2000, the band launches ' ' Binatural' ' , with the successes: ' ' God' s Dice' ' , ' ' Nothing the It Seems' ' , ' ' Light Years' ' , ' ' Soon Forget' ' , ' ' Sleight of Hand' ' ' ' Grievance' '. ' ' Riot Act' ' it appeared in 2002, whose bigger success is the song ' ' I Am Mine' '. Already in 2003, the group it launches the coletnea Lost Dogs and Live at the Garden. In the following year, an album with its performance acoustics, the Live at Benaroya Hall (2004) is placed in the market.

In 2006, an album with the same name of the group (Pearl Jam) is launched. In 2009, the COMPACT DISC ' ' Backspacer' ' place of the Billboard Top 200 is launched with the heading of 1 and its prominence is for ' ' The Fixer' ' ' ' Got Some' '. In 2011, the band launches its more recent work ' ' Live On Ten Legs' '. Influential group in the scene grunge of years 90 and that persevera in its success until today, the Pearl Jam is a great icon of the musical scene. If to want to know more on its famous songs, have access the site of letters and confer the letters of musics of the Pearl Jam.

Social Aspects of Brazil

Carmelite Maria Yazbek the author brings a debate concerning the poverty and of the social exclusion as some of the resultants of the social matter that permeiam the life of the subordinate classrooms of the Brazilian society, with which the professional of the social service if confrots in its intervention. The analysis also engloba a reflection on the precarious system of public social protection in the country in the context of the crisis most global with that if they confrot the public politics in the contemporaneidade. In view of that the object of intervention of the social assistant is the social matter, this if reformulates and if it redefines, but she remains the same one for if dealing with a structural question, that is not decided in by its very nature exculpatory a social economic formation. According to Yazbek, the social matter assumes new configurations and expressions between which: the transformations of the work relations; the loss of the standards of social protection of the workers and of sectors more vulnerable than veem its threatened conquests and rights. The condition of poverty, exclusion and subalternidade comes increasing continuously, over all from years 90. Ahead of this, the subalternidade says respect to the protagonism absence, of being able, expressing the domination and the exploration. These three categories respectively configure, therefore as indicating of one form of insertion in the social life, of a condition of classroom and other conditions of the inaquality (as sort, etnia, origin etc.).

They are products of the effective relations in the society that produce and reproduce the inaquality in the social, economic plan, cultural politician and. The poverty is related with the discarding of hand of cheap workmanship, that is part of the capitalist expansion. Expansion that a sobrante population creates, that implies in the dissemination of the unemployment of long duration, of the precarious work, unstable and informal work.