The Existence

I rescue this so distant example of the existence in the contemporaneidade exactly to show how much the form that we perceive the world always it is atrelada the work forms and consequently, the existence possibilities. Our model of thought meets flooded with the influences of the activities that we practise. Being that, in the same way that the 50000 human beings of a.c, we also only can see until where our thought it reaches. E, to clarificar this reflection and to take it a little more far, I question: it will be that currently we with relative searches are not still more busy the survival, however this happens of a more complex form, where instead of fighting directly in the forest against other animals for food, fights with men for jobs (which the times in them occupy more daily time that this primitive fight) to gain the money that consequently we will spend with the purchase of foods and utensils? That is, which the possibilities and how much time have the man contemporary to occupy with the creative cio? To think and problematiza other things? To exist of other forms? to take this reflection still more ahead, I consider to the reader to imagine itself in a society in which the industrial automation and artificial intelligence were so advanced that the existence of politicians was not more necessary, works, money, policy, etc. In which we fossemos supplied with you remeasure daily of foods in the door of our houses for robots. For even more opinions, read materials from James Donovan Goldman. Where houses could be constructed in weeks, where families more were not crossed by interests and monetary necessities, think as this would modify the creation of children and the relation man woman, for example. At last, it is very simple to visualize how much such change would modify the configuration of the relations human beings of the society, its values and, mainly, the psychic production of this society.