The Space

He knew that the dead, absolutely motionless, unchanging world is a world without time, that time is determined sequence of changes occurring in the world, and therefore the concept of 'time in the rest frame of the object' is just as much nonsense as the concept of 'humanity in a single village. Novelist may not feel the same. " Because of the infinite World of forming elements and their various relationships, we can not assume that the world can ever be the same as it once already was. "You can not enter twice in the same river." So peculiar Heraclitus formulated the law of the irreversible and non-recurring sequence of development of the World, which is an absolute law of the World as a whole and of individual generators of World items. Therefore, the geometric time is analogous to an infinite line, coming from the infinite past and off into the infinite future. Geometric analogue of simultaneity is the infinite line passing perpendicular to the line time. Each point corresponds to the direct simultaneous qualitative, quantitative and spatial status of each element forming the world at this moment, which is a geometric analogue of the point intersection of time with the line of simultaneity.

The space is a set of its constituent elements (from elementary particles to the planets and stars). Space formed by the elements, and not full of them. Spaces by itself, without any of its constituent elements in the objective reality does not exist in the same way as the weather does not exist without its constituent atmospheric phenomena (wind, snow, temperature …), as there is no width and length without measured object.