Heidelberg Investment

This increase of personal education and personal health as a prerequisite for social integration in the foreground appear. The economic success of the investment is in the foreground. The people that do not reach the intended target in the allotted time, receiving no more support. “Social work and their staff need to such related to the eligible” or eligible “people focus. The political and social implications of post-industrial change are enhanced by the reappraisal of the role of the State, a strong privatization trend and the call for greater individual responsibility. The causes for this reevaluation are the value change in the population, the often a change of values of social elites precedes, the decline of traditional community structures, the increased pressures of globalisation and a reversal in the long-term development of the population.” (From guidelines CSI uni Heidelberg) The trend in the funding of the social sector evolved from the donations to the bond – investment (social bonds). Donations were an additional third-party funding that was asked for data bases and detailed results.

It is giving a process without controlling, so not konditionales. In the future: financing as refundable investment or social investment with controlling is carried out (see new philanthropy). Not only the bank Goldman Sachs demanded a bonus if successful. The financing is performed only when success in terms of the investor; the investment must be paid back on a failure. The State acts only as a moderator in appearance.

A new form of future investments in the social field are social BONDS of social impact bonds are bonds which will finance social projects. Investors give money for a charitable purpose and hope that the investment in the long term is a return. A reliable data base is important to measure the success of the project work. The Organization of such a data basis assumes the PHINEO z.B AG.