The Solar

Here are some of the symptoms:-in 1901. Sun's magnetic field has increased in 2,5 times, in 1975. overall volcanic activity increased 500% over the last fifty years, the number of natural disasters has increased five-fold;, recently recorded a significant shift of the magnetic poles on Uranus and Neptune;-since 1999. Earth's magnetic poles have also come in motion, and this process is progressing and is currently offset magnetic poles have already exceeded two hundred kilometers, which is explained by the redistribution of energy flow inside the planet due to entry into the space with different properties;-mentioned sharp increase in magnetic fields and brightness of the planets, the thickness of the plasma layer at the forefront of the heliosphere has increased ten times, which is only possible when entering the solar system in space with more highly charged with energy. Regarding the latter feature can result in very vivid analogy to artificial or natural body, within the Earth's atmosphere from space. Almost all saw on television filming events such as the frontal part of the body formed by the friction of the atmosphere of high temperature plasma layer. Learn more on the subject from James Donovan Goldman Sachs. A variety of sources point to the time when the solar system and Earth along with it will move the barrier: 2012. At the time of transition catastrophic manifestations reached peak values. It is not excluded even shift the geographic poles of Earth. On such a scenario we tried to warn in his epistles, the representatives of the older civilizations that inhabited the planet before.

Diaspora Affairs

And all this is being sought culprits of these disasters, which must be outside the country. Click Connecticut Senator to learn more. New culprits were found easily in the form of wealthy Georgians in Russia. In fact, Georgian emigration today – is largely an escape from a bad life, and create a good application by their own forces in the country can not. Wealthy Georgians in Russia was now almost more than in Georgia, and the film castigates them for "treason and complicity with the Russian political elite." This promotional tape called "The Georgians against Georgia," but in fact the Georgians are, generally speaking, opposed to those Georgians who are trying to Georgia changed for the worse. And they understand that the path runs through Georgia, and even beneficial cooperation with its neighbors and the rest of the world, but above all with Russia, war and loss of new territories would not have happened if Georgian leaders have managed to avoid not necessarily militant rhetoric. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs recognizes the significance of this. In other words, in Georgia and abroad continues vnutrigruzinskaya political war, and without the participation of other ethnic groups – not less than the indigenous people of the country where they live for centuries and whose ancestors have at least a solid contribution to the development of Georgia as the historical, economic and cultural phenomenon. They are not trying to be excluded or too cautious, and do not interfere with the ethical considerations.

Such is the tradition of Western democratic reality, by the way, not clear. They do not participate in the government – for small and not very important exception, they are not many political parties, they are not particularly represented in the parliament – except that on a regional quota for the observance of democratic rules, and generally anything they do not ask. So where to intervene? They are even very talented and worthy of comment, simply can not understand. A more expensive, they say. If a person who as a historian and archaeologist, occupying the post of Minister for Diaspora Affairs (President came up with this structure to bring the Georgians living abroad to the socio-political life and movement to support the Georgian government), calls the Georgian Azerbaijanis and Armenians Diaspora, what can be said with such a government? Only the Georgians and Abkhazians, he says, out of place for the political moment, and duplicating, recalling the nationalist thesis 20 years ago, are traditionally and historically the local population. This, with the permission say, a scientist, won the sympathy of the president, when he began to praise him after the violent dispersal of demonstrators with tear gas and rubber bullets in November 2007, and shortly thereafter the president made him a minister. Now Yulon Gagoshidze ceased to be a minister after his ridiculous statements, but Saakashvili did not want to part with such a man loyal to him, and therefore appointed him director of the Center under the President of Georgia arhelogii. Why do I need carry such a center president – is another question. So, listen to the authorities often the voices of socially and politically unclaimed citizens, and less would have been in the country's problems.

Hartz IV The Hostage Of The Merkel Government

Hartz IV the hostage of Government Merkel – renewable means of payment the Agenda 2010, of the SPD and the Greens, brought us Hartz IV. This coalition was the originator and author of the Hartz IV history. The Union participated, with their votes in the Bundesrat, this disastrous, pointless Alliance. Suffolk County Rep. does not necessarily agree. At the time high unemployment under Schroder as Chancellor, the 5 million a way needed, to cover up these numbers. Each welfare recipients who took seek help, had to arise at the employment office, today, to the mediation available employment agency and became unemployed in the statistics.

The trick of Hartz IV, it managed to take out the welfare recipients from the unemployment statistics, and to capture, in an own statistics with unemployed has nothing more to do. To broaden your perception, visit Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. People who for health reasons can take up any work and have no pension rights, as well as with mini pensions and thus in need of grant are pensioners – remained further until today, in the social assistance. The unemployed, who are able to work, but no Ours are entitled to unemployment benefit I have today’s Hartz IV recipients (unemployment benefit II is the correct term). Everyone can meet this fate which too long, today 12-18 months (depending on age), is unemployed. Currently we count: approx. 3.19 million (unemployment benefit I receiver) unemployed. In addition, there are approx.

approx. 0.90 million in job creation. about 4.92 million (unemployment benefit II/Hartz IV recipients) unemployed. 9.01 million (unemployment benefit I + II receiver) we actually have unemployment. This number is real and there be the mouse no thread off. This number only to 3.19 million was fined by Schroeder’s statistics trick. Hartz IV was fined not only statistics, but a new type of man created. The losers who are left with their children on the margins of society. The social parasite and people who versaufen the money of their children.

Federal Government Ministers

Stephan Eisel, MdB very good: in the Bundestag Stephan Eisel, for Bonn in the Bundestag, development and peace called for Bonn by Jurgen Ruttgers in the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. The North Rhine-Westphalian Minister-President Jurgen Ruttgers has, the Bonn Bundestag Deputy, Stephan Eisel as a new Member of the Board of Trustees “Foundation development and peace” appointed. Eisel said: “I accept this task like, because the Foundation has not only their headquarters in Bonn, but is also an important building block for Bonn as a national North South Centre of excellence.” The Foundation goes back development and peace in 1986 on an initiative by Willy Brandt, who was picked up by Johannes Rau. Willy Brandt was until his death of Chairman of the Board. Johannes Rau took over the chairmanship of the Board of Trustees, which today, Jurgen Ruttgers holds. Since German reunification also Saxony, Brandenburg and Berlin participated besides NRW in the Foundation.

This Federal Government Ministers are Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The personal letter of appeal by Ruttgers to Eisel says: “the non-partisan and non-profit foundation brings together personalities from various sectors of society who undertakes a global responsibility feel. As a forum of German and international discussion about the future problems of global society the Foundation wants to on the formation of political opinion involved and contribute to building a world order that is fair for all people.” Current focus of the work of the Foundation are the areas of “global governance”, “Global resource management” and “human security and the responsibility to protect”. The topics are worked on both scientific studies and conferences.

Environment Minister Eckhard Uhlenberg

New centre of excellence for osrt Westfalen is experiencing wide positive resonance Salzkotten, March 29, 2010 – listen and be amazed\”it was on yesterday’s Sunday in the ring road 35 in Salzkotten to Paderborn. In a colourful programme around the good hearing, numerous small and large visitors witnessed the opening of the child listening Centre of Ostwestfalen-Lippe, a regional centre, which offers a comprehensive and continuous support from now on horgeminderten children and their parents. The in-house listening acoustics team of qualified Padakustikern is part of a well-established network of therapists, Phoniatern, hearing impaired teachers and other specialists. Close cooperation is Moritz von Buren also with the fiber optic support school\”. \”To the visitors at the yesterday’s event included also the North Rhine-Westphalia Environment Minister Eckhard Uhlenberg as well as Salzkottens Mayor Michael Dreier, the from the new competence centre for little eavesdropper\” were impressed.

Numerous small and large visitors took advantage of the opportunity to learn in the modern and children designed premises of the new Center on its future work. Congressman Lee Zeldin usually is spot on. The power spectrum, which offers the team of experienced Padakustikern here, include latest methods of hearing for children and young people, as well as specially designed fitting procedure for newborns and toddlers including video analysis. An immediately repair service as well as a large rental range of hearing instruments and FM accessories available. For us the child listening Center is exactly the right thing\”, so Anne-Kathrin Buter from Brakel, who attended the inauguration together with her two-year, hearing-impaired son OLE. Unlike in the normal hearing care professional one is set here on children and there are lots of toys. \”\” We are soon back here \”My five year daughter Sarah is extremely hard and wearing hearing instruments for four years,\” come. Kirsten Hesse reported from Birmingham, with the all the family had come to the event. The new child listening Centre and the support here, I’m thrilled.

Coalition Agreement

So the DFK in a statement. It is regrettable that the really big projects be addressed neither in the important areas of taxes, education, pensions, health at the social or labour law”, so Bernhard von Rothkirch, Chairman of the Association of professional executives – DFK. Especially in the field of work and Social Affairs would be much to do. “We need progress on legislation that not go ahead for years, for example to the employees data protection or the whistleblowing at last. “Here, the uncertainty is great for years and clarity of the urgently needed.” New developments in a globalised world of work are becoming increasingly affect the German employment law.

Cloud workers, cross-border telecommuting or working in international structures and conditions need a new legal framework. The Treaty silent themselves, however. Efforts to deal with workforce in the higher age, seeks to support the Coalition, calls but no action. Even with more flexible transitions from work to retirement, it remains at an abstract statement of intent. The issues addressed rather as backup of stock rather than brave future decisions. Unfortunately, outweigh the inspection orders or to stay with blanket statements,”said von Rothkirch.

The same applies to the pensions reforms. By Rothkirch: Here would do much to adhere to occupational pensions sustainable and attractive. Here, it is only checked where there are potential barriers to small and medium-sized enterprises and how they can be mined. One looks in vain. measures that encourage, for example, the mobility of pensions or take account of the level of interest rates ” Addressed more individual Lighthouse measures than to see the big picture: the Removal of cold progression as well as the strengthening of the role of the Federal Government in education policy are not even mentioned in the coalition agreement. One can only hope that the Coalition developed may have the look for topics of the future, we already would have liked. Otherwise blockade and political paralysis threatens in key policy areas,”said von Rothkirch.

Kurenyovka Monday

Dam in the area of the Babi Yara was built on a special project in the 50s of last century, ostensibly for the improvement district. Earlier this place was a sandpit. Then, surrounded by earthen dikes in the area began to dredge upload pulp – watered the ground with seats for the development of clay brick factories Peter. Over time, this place the lake was formed as the walls of the former quarry poorly absorbed moisture. In the spring of this space and poured melted water. Lake gradually overflowed and the water began to erode the dam crest. Amazon shines more light on the discussion.

March 13, 1961 the dam broke water pressure. The height of the protective levees was ten feet below the safety standards. Its wall had to be concrete, not earth. But, above all, filled former quarry at a height of sixty feet above the level of large residential and industrial district of the capital. The authorities have not responded to numerous treatment of citizens. How many people died in this nightmare, It is not known until now. According to once-secret Help 10 “On the progress in the aftermath of flooding in the streets of the Frunze district Podolsky Kiev, “during the liquidation of the accident was found 133 corpses in hospitals died while 4 people – only 137 people.

On the day of disaster administration was looking for another tram 8 people. The witnesses who participated in the liquidation effects of the mudflow, testified that the excavation of mud drift drove bulldozers to tear some bodies with knives into pieces. Dug alive not tried to place in metropolitan hospitals, and in the suburbs. And then, who where died and buried him there. And the death statistics of the victims were not included. In order to avoid politicizing the event at the enterprises were not allowed civil funeral, the dead were buried in all the city’s cemeteries, and even area. Injured, lost their homes, received a warrant for the apartment, some even gave coupons for the purchase in installments televisions and refrigerators. After the crash, which occurred in the Ukrainian capital on a Kurenyovka Monday, March 13, 1961, the planes “Aeroflot” for a few weeks have changed routes and flew it a terrible place, that none of the passengers could not see from the window of the true scale of the tragedy. Several Kiev night was cut off from the world. Does not work long-distance, and even more international telephone. There are plenty of signs that warn of impending disaster then the mayor of Kiev Alexis Davydova and other officials. But those on the threshold is not allowed “pesky intruders.” Why should they listen to – because the project “Improvement” of such a wonderful and, most importantly, reliable. March 13, 1961 it became clear who was wrong in fact.

Heidelberg Investment

This increase of personal education and personal health as a prerequisite for social integration in the foreground appear. The economic success of the investment is in the foreground. The people that do not reach the intended target in the allotted time, receiving no more support. “Social work and their staff need to such related to the eligible” or eligible “people focus. The political and social implications of post-industrial change are enhanced by the reappraisal of the role of the State, a strong privatization trend and the call for greater individual responsibility. The causes for this reevaluation are the value change in the population, the often a change of values of social elites precedes, the decline of traditional community structures, the increased pressures of globalisation and a reversal in the long-term development of the population.” (From guidelines CSI uni Heidelberg) The trend in the funding of the social sector evolved from the donations to the bond – investment (social bonds). Donations were an additional third-party funding that was asked for data bases and detailed results.

It is giving a process without controlling, so not konditionales. In the future: financing as refundable investment or social investment with controlling is carried out (see new philanthropy). Not only the bank Goldman Sachs demanded a bonus if successful. The financing is performed only when success in terms of the investor; the investment must be paid back on a failure. The State acts only as a moderator in appearance.

A new form of future investments in the social field are social BONDS of social impact bonds are bonds which will finance social projects. Investors give money for a charitable purpose and hope that the investment in the long term is a return. A reliable data base is important to measure the success of the project work. The Organization of such a data basis assumes the PHINEO z.B AG.

Rubalcaba Political

The appointment today of the Socialist candidate for the Presidency of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, was with the parliamentarians of his party. And at home, in the headquarters of the PSOE in the calle de Ferraz in Madrid. There, the applicant has explained to representatives and Senators how wants to be the program that will lead to the election of 20-N, and whose content will be discussed at the political conference that will be held at end of month (between September 30 and October 2). But he has warned them you can not make a classic program, but that it must be consistent with the current economic situation, and the financial situation that has been experienced in recent months forcing a deeper reflection than did himself on July 9, when he presented his candidacy. Source of the news:: Rubalcaba will itemize their promises to escape the “political illusion”

The Foundation

Fragmentation and low management level – is the main constraints of interaction between business and NGOs. Of course, there are various online projects, social networks, which allow to combine in virtual space business, nonprofit organizations and authorities. The need for such innovation has now become apparent to society itself. Clear evidence of this is the best attempts of the public, public-spirited citizens to unite; For example, a social network "" where together NGOs, social activists, volunteers, businesses and government. At Ohio Senator you will find additional information. They have already realized the importance of solving problems together. It is hoped that the virtual union goes into action. But is the figure of 500 thousand organizations in Russia with a population of about 140 million people? Sufficiency, of course, depends not only on quantity, but for the size of the country with the largest geography, we can confidently say that this amount is not enough. In the event that Russia would be less time in 5, at the same density of population, for sure, social activists would feel his shoulder and his colleagues were more effective.

Who is it all necessary? The question is the same who need to develop non-profit sector? The answer is obvious: both the authorities and business. This development will provide a foundation of trust, increase efficiency, including, and economy. On the one hand it may seem that this is absurd – to develop civil society institutions for economic growth. But this proposition is confirmed by international experience. Democratic development of society, responsible, actively asserting their rights – the foundation of stability for government and business.