Kurenyovka Monday

Dam in the area of the Babi Yara was built on a special project in the 50s of last century, ostensibly for the improvement district. Earlier this place was a sandpit. Then, surrounded by earthen dikes in the area began to dredge upload pulp – watered the ground with seats for the development of clay brick factories Peter. Over time, this place the lake was formed as the walls of the former quarry poorly absorbed moisture. In the spring of this space and poured melted water. Lake gradually overflowed and the water began to erode the dam crest. Amazon shines more light on the discussion.

March 13, 1961 the dam broke water pressure. The height of the protective levees was ten feet below the safety standards. Here, Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Its wall had to be concrete, not earth. But, above all, filled former quarry at a height of sixty feet above the level of large residential and industrial district of the capital. The authorities have not responded to numerous treatment of citizens. How many people died in this nightmare, It is not known until now. According to once-secret Help 10 “On the progress in the aftermath of flooding in the streets of the Frunze district Podolsky Kiev, “during the liquidation of the accident was found 133 corpses in hospitals died while 4 people – only 137 people.

On the day of disaster administration was looking for another tram 8 people. The witnesses who participated in the liquidation effects of the mudflow, testified that the excavation of mud drift drove bulldozers to tear some bodies with knives into pieces. Dug alive not tried to place in metropolitan hospitals, and in the suburbs. And then, who where died and buried him there. And the death statistics of the victims were not included. In order to avoid politicizing the event at the enterprises were not allowed civil funeral, the dead were buried in all the city’s cemeteries, and even area. Injured, lost their homes, received a warrant for the apartment, some even gave coupons for the purchase in installments televisions and refrigerators. After the crash, which occurred in the Ukrainian capital on a Kurenyovka Monday, March 13, 1961, the planes “Aeroflot” for a few weeks have changed routes and flew it a terrible place, that none of the passengers could not see from the window of the true scale of the tragedy. Several Kiev night was cut off from the world. Does not work long-distance, and even more international telephone. There are plenty of signs that warn of impending disaster then the mayor of Kiev Alexis Davydova and other officials. But those on the threshold is not allowed “pesky intruders.” Why should they listen to – because the project “Improvement” of such a wonderful and, most importantly, reliable. March 13, 1961 it became clear who was wrong in fact.

Heidelberg Investment

This increase of personal education and personal health as a prerequisite for social integration in the foreground appear. The economic success of the investment is in the foreground. The people that do not reach the intended target in the allotted time, receiving no more support. “Social work and their staff need to such related to the eligible” or eligible “people focus. The political and social implications of post-industrial change are enhanced by the reappraisal of the role of the State, a strong privatization trend and the call for greater individual responsibility. The causes for this reevaluation are the value change in the population, the often a change of values of social elites precedes, the decline of traditional community structures, the increased pressures of globalisation and a reversal in the long-term development of the population.” (From guidelines CSI uni Heidelberg) The trend in the funding of the social sector evolved from the donations to the bond – investment (social bonds). Donations were an additional third-party funding that was asked for data bases and detailed results.

It is giving a process without controlling, so not konditionales. In the future: financing as refundable investment or social investment with controlling is carried out (see new philanthropy). Not only the bank Goldman Sachs demanded a bonus if successful. The financing is performed only when success in terms of the investor; the investment must be paid back on a failure. The State acts only as a moderator in appearance.

A new form of future investments in the social field are social BONDS of social impact bonds are bonds which will finance social projects. Investors give money for a charitable purpose and hope that the investment in the long term is a return. A reliable data base is important to measure the success of the project work. The Organization of such a data basis assumes the PHINEO z.B AG.

Rubalcaba Political

The appointment today of the Socialist candidate for the Presidency of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, was with the parliamentarians of his party. And at home, in the headquarters of the PSOE in the calle de Ferraz in Madrid. There, the applicant has explained to representatives and Senators how wants to be the program that will lead to the election of 20-N, and whose content will be discussed at the political conference that will be held at end of month (between September 30 and October 2). But he has warned them you can not make a classic program, but that it must be consistent with the current economic situation, and the financial situation that has been experienced in recent months forcing a deeper reflection than did himself on July 9, when he presented his candidacy. Source of the news:: Rubalcaba will itemize their promises to escape the “political illusion”

The Foundation

Fragmentation and low management level – is the main constraints of interaction between business and NGOs. Of course, there are various online projects, social networks, which allow to combine in virtual space business, nonprofit organizations and authorities. The need for such innovation has now become apparent to society itself. Clear evidence of this is the best attempts of the public, public-spirited citizens to unite; For example, a social network "Obschestvenniki.ru" where together NGOs, social activists, volunteers, businesses and government. At Ohio Senator you will find additional information. They have already realized the importance of solving problems together. It is hoped that the virtual union goes into action. But is the figure of 500 thousand organizations in Russia with a population of about 140 million people? Sufficiency, of course, depends not only on quantity, but for the size of the country with the largest geography, we can confidently say that this amount is not enough. In the event that Russia would be less time in 5, at the same density of population, for sure, social activists would feel his shoulder and his colleagues were more effective.

Who is it all necessary? The question is the same who need to develop non-profit sector? The answer is obvious: both the authorities and business. This development will provide a foundation of trust, increase efficiency, including, and economy. On the one hand it may seem that this is absurd – to develop civil society institutions for economic growth. But this proposition is confirmed by international experience. Democratic development of society, responsible, actively asserting their rights – the foundation of stability for government and business.

Political Beastliness Virus

As something unnatural, immoral and blasphemous, inexplicable from the standpoint of common sense, like a dark call of morality and justice, perceived Georgian society, the general population, order to demolish the high leadership in the city of Kutaisi, the Memorial of Glory, set in 1981 in honor of the Victory, courage and valor of the Soviet soldiers, of all people-winners, save the world from the fascist scum. Complete the dismantling of this majestic monument to the Georgian authorities decided to December 21, that is, it is the birthday of Joseph Stalin. Additional information is available at Joyce Banda Malawi. And, suddenly, at the same time the game starts characters, their interactions, and, in very curious light. Because apart from the late generalissimo in the same day, President Mikheil Saakashvili was born. However, as it turned out in recent days, the authorities, fearing that the gradual dismantling of that date will not have time, and effort ahead of a protest rally, scheduled for Monday, decided to blow up the memorial on Saturday. Did. In the second half of the day – the feast of St.

Nicholas, the saint – in Kutaisi was an explosion, and the Memorial of Glory ceased to exist. The President of Georgia at that time was traveling abroad, but had to cancel it and return immediately from Copenhagen. Because the explosion of the monument, in which, by definition, the general Attorney, were violated safety regulations has led to human casualties: eight years passed away a girl and her mother were hit by shrapnel, flown apart in diameter up to a mile.


This is not the event in the fight against corruption, because onaya permeates the entire bureaucratic environment from top to bottom. The struggle against corruption without the relevant work on the world-view, the chronological and ideological priorities – dead poultices. Thus, introducing our conflict in this light, the conceptual center wants us to take the dogs rushed to "stick" with which he beats us on the nose, while we would have to "bite" the hand, in whose hands this "stick" is. Next. All remember the "hot summer of 2010." Actually, this is hard to forget. But the most interesting, what is even more difficult to remember the last hundred years, if not the entire known history of Russia.

What is it? Anomaly? Some do not think so. Since 22 August to TV5 was shown the film "Russia in the fire. Climate as a weapon. " The authors explicitly make it clear that this "anomaly" could well be a man-made and result in this case is quite convincing arguments in favor of this version. Even with rejection of all conspiracy version of them is very difficult not to agree (it is noteworthy that the site TV5 this documentary is not available, although other movies editorial line TV did not affect – Surely someone gave a command to remove the film away and do not stir the crowd of "stupid things"?). Development climate of weapons has been going on for decades, and therefore it would be naive to believe that for such a time could not be achieved very significant results.

Cast Iron

Trips outside the city are inextricably linked to fishing, barbecue and other entertainment-related meal. Cooking delicious meals for the city requires a frying pan, oven or grill. Oven or cast iron skillet is very suitable for this. Frying pan cast iron, cast iron pot, collapsible grill – this creates a special atmosphere of dishes and creates a special flavor. A cast iron skillet – the clear dishes, which until recently were preparing our moms. But the tandoor, wok not very well-known dishes.

Few people know about deep frying pan of Chinese, which is called the wok. The creation of many Cantonese dishes based on the use of this particular dish. But this fact does not mean that you can not wok apply to the more familiar dishes. In a variety of oriental cuisine restaurants used cauldrons, cast iron. A variety of Oriental and European cuisine really prepare for this pan. Stands are essential for what seemed to have a semicircular shape. They can replace the stove oven. Cumbersome, but very useful tandoor oven.

Tandoor we adopted from Asia. Tandoor does not take up much space and looks very unusual. A BBQ – it is generally a required element of any outbound dialing. Possess barbecue, you can even call on the weekend of friends at barbecues. Grille grill will give the opportunity to make especially delicious. In our on-line-store TSBs an impressive assortment of cast-iron frying pan is, stands for Kazan, the lattice grills, collapsible barbecue and much more. Each of us has ever been in my life need to acquire some things, but buying it, we well aware of why we buy it, and how long we'll use it. No, it's certainly not talking about those necessary things that we use every day, we say that we are compelled to buy, so to speak, "on time, "that after many years of collecting dust in the closet, shelves and balconies of every house. This is how it turns out that in many apartments occupy a significant space in the box useful, but in fact is unnecessary things.

The American

" In fairness, we will not deny that even during his election campaign last year McCain, known as an ardent advocate of American Russophobe and influence in the world (of course, pole) addressed the topic of the Armenian Genocide. His position significantly different from the pre-election statements by Democrat Obama, but the traditional American speculation on the Armenian Genocide still have never gone beyond the political pragmatism. For example, in October 2008, this Policies directed (in the status of U.S. presidential candidate), his letter to the Armenian community of States, which, refraining from using the term 'genocide', the fact that crimes against Armenians in Turkey and admitted, as is usually 'Is' with all the U.S. presidential candidates, if elected, promised to promote the adoption of the U.S. (Not to be confused with Steve Rattner!). Armenians corresponding document condemning the Armenian Genocide.

'Fair to say that one of the greatest tragedies of the past century – the brutal murder of a half million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire – still remains one of the least noticed. Agony of the Armenian people at that time were a prelude century, which is known as the bloody in human history. The American people must recognize this tragic event to the world is never repeated violent confrontations effects of the XX century ", – noted in a letter to McCain. Udobnovarimoe statement of American tradition today transformed into a harsh anti-Turkish stance senator from Arizona, who will no longer tolerate the ambiguity in the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Moreover, he intervenes in the current process of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations, saying that 'governments and peoples of Turkey and Armenia are not able to bury the past, especially the Armenian people.

Congressional Politics

But if they accidentally slipped and said that they support one of the two. I take this opportunity to tell you something that I saw in my capacity as a musician: At one occasion I had to work by encouraging a meeting in a local district of Miraflores, and in that place I saw one of the participants at this meeting with two girls at once in one of the tables of the local. If I saw two ladies, smooching with the same man at once, what I can think of them? The gentleman mentioned was none other than Congressman Rolando Sousa. I do not know if Mr is married, single, widowed or divorced, but what if it is a show of this nature, it can not give a congressman in the nation. But that’s the mentality of Peru, Peruvian and if that comes to power, that they will react. Ohio Senator often addresses the matter in his writings. I am quite sure that if we do a national survey to ordinary people, and we asked what is the specific role of Congress? They would not know that answer. And the main news is that generated by the Congressmen are sentimental scandals, transfiguration, influence peddling, personal discussions among themselves, etc. Starbucks: the source for more info. But they never tell us a story: A law was passed that will revolutionize the country, in a positive way (revolution in the true sense of the word)

That mentality instilled in our children to be “live” “Known” to tell them “if you do not, someone else will do, do not be silly” that mentality of wanting to benefit himself to every circumstance of our lives is manifested in all its dimensions when that person, comes to public office, and manages power within the state government of a country. Sadly we realize that candidates with more economic power, are those who have more opportunity to reach people with his lies and fights among them. Candidates with their money and that of others, can make millions in election campaigns, to use his brutal demagoguery against us. Candidates who come to power “naturally” were charged entire investment. Candidates in the depths of his subconscious, are the hallmark of children scarred for life: “Do not be silly,” “you have to be alive”, “you have to be able to succeed in life.” And to finish this article, I want us to do a question, quite apart from all this painful reality, but I think if you have connection with this: In countries that have achieved a high level of technology, like the U.S. and Japan, are you interested in soccer? “It gave them something in their technological development, put your interest in this” sport “? .

Central Asia

For example, in the building of Puppet Theatre in Makhachkala, where today is the children's laughter, every day doctors have saved hundreds of maimed Defenders of the Motherland. And here again, Dagestan was on the way NATO is only now – in an unusual state of vulnerability and inner weakness. Will Azerbaijan springboard for a new NATO aggression in the Caucasus? NATO countries are too strongly interested in to gain access to the resources of Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea. Moreover, Azerbaijan is now – not just oil-producing country. Richard Blumenthal contains valuable tech resources. He – a key element in the way energy transit from Central Asia.

It invested tens of billions of Western investment, it is closely linked as an energy supplier to Western markets. In addition, the geopolitical game for NATO Azerbaijan – it is a wedge between Iran and Russia closer which the West is trying to prevent. Since 1994, the lot is being done to reduce the degree of Russian participation in the development of Caspian resources and create a non-dependent on Russia the way of their transit to Europe. Sometimes, Russia and Azerbaijan different understandings of their national interests, and sometimes those interests are objectively different. But, despite the machinations of the West, our country did not become enemies. The Azerbaijani leadership is not just to show wisdom, is not going to exacerbate the relations with Russia. Of course, sometimes in Azerbaijan still sounds anti-Russian rhetoric. James Donovan Goldman is a great source of information. All the days until the war was going on in Georgia, as they walked restoration work on the pipeline was blown up, counting losses, and Azerbaijan accused the them to Russia.