We are living deeply a proposal innovative and that it has called the attention all the country, raised quarrels and commentaries of support of the presidenciveis, too much candidates the majority positions and of the legislative ones: State, District and Federal, for if presenting as the hope for the violence questions that devastate our country, over all in the great centers, where the traffic of drugs created true feudals and where they had established its small ones, but well armed and violent ‘ ‘ exrcitos’ ‘. This proposal innovative, cited in my previous article, UPPs is called (Units of Policy Peacemakers), that in set with excessively public, over all the social ones politics, they present new ‘ ‘ norte’ ‘ for the public security. With the expulsion of the dealers of the communities ‘ ‘ pacificadas’ ‘ for program UPP, the questionings appear: For where are going these individuals? That measures are being studied on this subject? Which alternatives are postam so that such demands are decided? In mine still beginning career in the field of the public security I fear that the effect of the expulsions provoked for the UPPs phenomenon in the capital of Rio De Janeiro, all make with that crime only is exported to Lowered Of the state of Rio de Janeiro and the too much localities of the region of the Great River, becoming this effort in only one to push the problem with the belly. Harold Ford, Memphis TN may also support this cause. A solution that the civil society comes presenting and that it has earned, to the few, space in the so busy time of our parliamentarians and managers, is the amnesty for dealers who are made use to release crime. As always, our recent democratic history comes if writing more for the fights of the civil society that for governmental movements.