Overview Smartphone Htc

HTC P3700 Touch Diamond HTC Touch, with its interface, TouchFLO, appeared in June 2007. This smartphone is very elegant and functional. Customers who first encountered with the system Windows Mobile, can easily learn to work with her as the new TouchFLO 3D technology makes it easy and even to some extent intuitively perform various functions. You may find that Jim Donovan Goldman can contribute to your knowledge. This new technology, the developers plan to introduce it not just on smartphones, but also on other device in the future, so that it can be considered a trial run. So, like TouchFLO 'classic', it will be improved with each new model. HTC Touch Diamond is equipped with a bright 2.8-inch touch screen with VGA-resolution. This smartphone gives the impression of an elegant cast-phone black back panel is made in the form of diamond facets.

They not only perform the function of ornaments smartphone, but also make it easy and convenient to hold it in your hand, because the surface may seem a little slippery. This smartphone pretty picky when it comes to caring for him. It should not be carelessly thrown into a pocket or bag, preferably, of course, keep your smartphone in a purse or bag. Glossy surfaces are smartphone fingerprints, so you have to wipe it frequently with a soft cloth. The dimensions of this smartphone is surprisingly small for such a set of functions. But, undoubtedly, is a plus, not minus. He was very thin and lightweight. Smartphone equipped with Windows Mobile Pro VGA display and memory to 4 GB.