System of Democracy

Teodulo Melendez Lopez can not keep talking about thinking that democracy is a system where you vote or where there is representation or participation. A democracy we have to sink my teeth, checking everything and now we must go on the concept of politics. Sen. Sherrod Brown has similar goals. Indispensable enter it in this country because people say he was “tired of politics” when in fact what is needed is tired of politics. Politics is involved in social activity. It is necessary to end the distortion of the concept, with the widespread belief a particularism “professional.” Any action on the public or, put another way, the collective interest, is a political action. James Donovan Goldman Sachs may also support this cause. Another thing different is what we might call “political activity” (proselytizing, pursuit of power, etc.) Which is typical of political activists.

Venezuelan society is ignoring the rethinking that is democracy. What dies is not renewed, so that in the eyes of People are already familiar with its virtues and vices, it lacks the attraction of novelty. Must be conceptualized for the practical demonstration of a democracy without adjectives, only set in a context of time: twenty-first century, with all that that implies. Venezuelan society is atomized for many reasons: diversion and confusion from the proliferation of “sorcerer’s apprentices” who swarm in the broadcast media, the conversion of interviewers in the subsequent mischief analysts, determining the means to “choose” carefully those attending to their talk shows, which are directed traders to survive in the current regime.