Piraeus, the port of Athens, the largest port of the Balkans and one of the largest ports of the Mediterranean Sea. Even now, when Athens and Piraeus virtually merged, Piraeus retained its face and its distinctive features that distinguish it from antiquity to the present day. The city was founded in 5 th century bc, when Athens was a major maritime power in the Mediterranean Sea. In ancient Athens and Piraeus were joined by road (it remains today one can find near the Acropolis), which was protected by walls. Thus, the Athens and Piraeus as far back as ancient times, were joined together. Construction of the wall began during the war policies of Greece and Persia. It began immediately after the expulsion of the Persians Attica. While Atticus is completely lay in ruins, but the Athenians understood the importance of building defensive structures to strengthen its power and the first thing, instead of rebuilding their own personal home have made every effort to build public and defense facilities.

Today travel from Athens to Piraeus still quite easy. Center of Athens, Piraeus is connected to a separate branch of the subway. By and large today, there is no clear separating boundaries between Athens and Piraeus. Metro goes straight to the central port. From the central port of Piraeus is easily accessible to any island in Greece.

There are many companies that carry freight and passengers can buy tickets often just before landing. Travel will be more interesting port Mikrolimani. At the entrance to the port you can see the remains of ancient watchtowers and old docks. During the Ottoman rule in port based Navy Ottoman ports, and today the port is known primarily for its fish restaurants, which are supplied every morning, freshly seafood. In Piraeus there are two museums. Archaeological and Naval Museum. The archaeological museum presents artifacts that were found in the excavation of Piraeus. The maritime museum, the history of the fleet, ranging from ancient times to the modern exhibits. The entrance to the Maritime Museum still quite easy to find because outside the museum are guns taken from ships and a submarine conning tower.

American States

Colombia – South American territory, which borders Panama, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador, bordering the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Has a peculiar geographic feature – the Andes, which are located in the central and western gosudarstva.Chislo parts of the country's population is located in the area of 35101000 inhabitants, language – Spanish. Most Colombians support Protestantism. Capital – Bogota. Currency – the peso. Europeans visited the country in 1502, during the period At Caribbean expedition H. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Steve Rattner. Columbus and colonized the territory became only 1510goda. At that time in Colombia was unfriendly Chibcha empire, not wanting to put up with strangers.

And until the 19th century occurred wars of liberation, as a result of them in 1819. Was declared the freedom of New Granada, which included Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama. xx century has presented several other conflict in Colombia: Government and cocaine cartels have shared power in the country with each other. However, in 1991. The main Kortel was defeated, but the state is a member of gatt, the un, the Organization of American States, World Bank and the Association of Caribbean countries. Klmatichesky Belt Colombia is not uniform, despite the fact that Columbia is in the tropics. In coastal areas, the average temperature ranges from 24 to 27 degrees Celsius and at altitudes of 200-2300m. Above sea level, subtropical climate, and at an altitude of 2300-3000m.

– the climate is temperate. Above 3000m above sea level is cold area where the temperature is 13 degrees to miss out. Flora also varied depending on its location, but with all this, almost half the country is forests, which can be found walnut, oak, cedar, redwood, pine, etc. Fauna is also very rich: sloth, peccaries, puma, anteater, jaguar, armadillo, various kinds of monkeys. Sufficiently large number of birds, among them the most widespread: cockatoo, a hummingbird, a condor, a vulture, toucan. Colombia is known that it found traces of one of the most secret and exciting world civilizations – the Aztecs. Near San Agustin in the caves found a lot of figures reminiscent of the era of the statue of the Aztec Empire.

Hurghada Airport Hotel

Guides politely indicate to which side of our bus. By the way, Hurghada Airport design is very unusual, I would say the space. When everyone had gathered in the bus, the guide held the roll call, then our whole crowd started to deliver on hotels. Upon arrival at our hotel, we went at the reception desk to receive the keys to the rooms, obviously investing in the passport of 10 bucks, not to klopovnik any slipped, but a normal number, with a good view. Common practice. Porter took things in a room, for that also got us to the dollar.

In the future, every day we left the cleaner on the dollar to better cleaned. On the same evening went to the canteen. Well, I tell you, such abundance I have not seen. Select – incredible! Eat – do not want. Greedy, like many on the ball, I nagreb in plate all in a row, as if from the edge of starvation, for which he paid the next day – no, not poisoned, just overeaten fat.

Continuing the theme of food, I note that in our beach in the afternoon hours, covered tables in the cafe for those who do not want to go back to the hotel for lunch. True, the choice was an order of magnitude smaller. What about drinking: beer and wine, of course, no comparison with ours, but no choice. The next morning, went to the beach, which impressed us with its well-groomed. All day special people walking around with nets and rakes – one catches debris in the water, the other – vyshkryabyvaet it with sand. The beach is near the lagoon, from where it was coveted sea. Diving first time under water, we were shocked – all as on tv! Abundance of marine life can not remain indifferent. Afterwards we took with them a roll and fed the fish under the water to get a closer view them. Purchased in advance hotel something like sneakers for bathing, to avoid meeting with the sea urchin, of which the water is going. They say it is worth stepping on it – and a fever will be three days. Two weeks passed quickly. Breakfast – swimming, diving, fire – Lunch – swimming, diving, sunbathing – dinner – rest at the hotel, shows, concerts And so every day, of course, except for excursions. In general, there is something to remember.