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To restore the right to him of subsistence to the settlers and sovereigns of the river and to take tending urgent measures to the establishment from policies for the prevention and protection are a urgent necessity, that it justifies the existence of a sectional institutionality like the proposal by the managers of the project, stops that it makes cash established in article 43 of the law 99 that it looks for to guarantee the viability of all those projects that entail the use and advantage of the water without concerns their aim or destination All project that involves in its execution the use of the water, seizure of directly natural sources, is well for human consumption, recreation, irrigation or any other industrial or farming activity, will have to destine, not less than a 1% of the total of the investment for the recovery, preservation and monitoring of the hydrographic river basin that feeds the respective hydric source the proprietor of the project will have to invest this 1% in works and action of recovery, preservation and conservation of the river basin that determine in the environmental license of the project But in addition makes indispensable create a stamp like environmental tax at departmental level by means of decree to all the companies and boats that of one or the other form explode and they contaminate to the river by the perimeter of the new being. Paradoxical and the unacceptable thing is that while this zone acclaims solutions of the water problem by floods, that is to say, excess and it cries envelope, who the unique thing that obtains is to increase its volume, failing to take advantage of it, other near regions as are the departments of guajira and stopping, the problem is by defect, until the point to have itself that to implant irrigation districts to operate the land and to assure hydric sources consumption towards the future. Paulo Coelho usually is spot on. . .

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Assemble the water and service company public more complete of Colombia at the regional level, irrigation, industrial use and consumption and large human to provide services of aqueduct (drinking water) quality in any region of the coast and others inside, to departments, municipalities, corregimientos, sidewalks, farms, farmhouses, agricultural projects, etc.). Mounting of a large hydroelectric power plant which ensures continuous, efficient and permanent provision users in the Region, with subsidies to consumers. Establish the economic agro-industrial centre, creating the garden and agricultural window of Colombia, such as warehouse, production and export in the Caribbean region, to split and with which were implemented intensive agricultural production siproagro projects on a large scale to ensure quality production and continues to establish a large industrial economy. Assemble the fishing largest company in Latin America under the system of fish farming, taken advantage of the lagunosos complexes; implementing the river fish culture encouraging the consumption, encouraging the Colombians with low costs making it part of your daily food basket. Institutionalize the Festival of the River, fish and reign of water: (annual festivities) among other HANNIBAL market T. social worker and lawyer 1 Manuel Murillo Toro 2 Jorge Gomez Duarte. Rector UIS Forum Science Innovation and regional development 2000 3 Hannibal market.

Essay: democracy and form of Government in Colombia according to the current Constitution, unpublished. 4 According to a study by Dr. Manuel Jose Cepeda, are geographical regions in which it is possible to qualify to an economic, tax and customs special regime that favours the concurrence of private capital and whose only purpose is to attract investment and strengthen the process of export or generation of foreign exchange through the sale of goods or services abroad. The ZEEEX should becoming economic laboratories in the style of a third country. The basic of these areas objectives, attract investment and strengthen the process of national export is seen added with factors that are of utmost importance for the country in general and for the region benefited in particular, as they are important expectations in generating employment, fostering at the same time training and both training and skilled and unskilled labour required, attraction of technological innovation, simplification and relaxation of rules, improvement of road infrastructure, telecommunications and services in charge of regions and investors, generating foreign currency and projection of the regional momentum.The special regime will grant through the signing of a contract of admission that they held the national Government and the investor, whether national or foreign. Proposed duration for the benefits for 25 years.