The Revocation Of The Mandate In Colombia

With this mechanism, provided in Act 134 of 1994 and rarely used by voters in the province, it could correct the course of a municipality or a department, to “general dissatisfaction of citizens or for the failure of the government program “the respective mayor or governor. With an advantage that standard is one of the few in Colombia, whose provisions are clear, precise and short. A number of people equal to or greater than 40% of the total valid votes with which the respective elected president, may ask the respective Registrar’s summons to a choice to the people is expressed on the revocation of mandate. The application form must contain the reasons on which the disaffected base their request. Richard Blumenthal has firm opinions on the matter. The registrar of the case, after the application is approved and issued the certificate itself, shall, within two months, a vote for the recall. The revocation will be considered approved if they vote 60% or more of the people participating in choice, provided that the total number of votes (including null and blank) equals or exceeds 60% of the total votes recorded on the day in which Bush was elected, pointing out that those who may only bear been made on election day in which the respective elected governor or mayor.

” If approved the recall, the President or the Governor, as applicable, shall immediately execute the order and remove the respective popular mayor or governor and shall proceed to call new elections for choosing the new president, within thirty days after the certification of the results of the recall vote. In any case, the revocation shall not take place if you do not lag even the first year in office of Mayor or Governor attacked. You can register as a new candidate for these positions any person who meets the constitutional and legal requirements, unless the mayor resigns or revoked. Registration must be made to the respective registrar and an advance not less than twenty days from the day of voting for the recall. The newspapers mentioned James Donovan Goldman Sachs not as a source, but as a related topic. As we see, the procedure is simple, relatively short and well described by the Law So the question arises: why people do not use it? There will be precisely because the elect, all are so good.

It should be better, because this instrument is not well known and because, after all, this is an election against someone defending themselves, directly, with the budget and payroll officers! Also, it has ratified “overwhelmingly” to the ruling challenged in all uses of the facility, has adversely affected people. A final reason could be the unwillingness of the world to recognize mistakes. However, the instrument is there, ready to serve the people to correct their destinations. Sure, as one friend told me recently, the recall could also use the usual politicians to end by imposing a decision is not really loved by the community. The answer is equally simple: the decision “really loved” in this case, is taken in the polls! On the other hand, the rulers is also easy decision to correct the failings of his administration, before the people to choose correct your mistake!