Kazan State Technical University

For the second month, Kazan is not only in the snow, but the orange and silver captured the phrase "Factor of the Future", television and radio shaken by frequent, vivid and memorable commercials, as if spins new reality show or something that will transform the world. e questions. Instead of "Happy New Year!" Is heard everywhere "factor of the future." Residents of the capital are in a mysterious tension, all the faces of a dumb question, "What is it, Factor of the future? "Attention! Now we reveal the best kept secret of the year! "Factor of the Future" is a new, ambitious, audacious youth project, which won a grant from the training of personnel reserve "State Club "and is under the state program to support non-profit non-governmental organizations involved in the development of civil society institutions. In short, the project "Factor of the Future" has won a grant President of the Russian Federation and is a good argument to begin with. The project is conducted on the basis of Kazan State Technical University. In recent months, TCF Capital Solutions has been very successful. Tupolev.

The project aims to involve young people in innovation, it is very important in the era of modernization and innovation policy in our country, actually on a par with Silicon Valley and the E-mobile. Michael Ramlet may help you with your research. Moreover, at the last session of the expert, which marked the end of the first preparatory phase of the project, During the hottest battles and debate between prominent scientists, it was decided to coincide the 50th anniversary project of space exploration, and it is again important, because it's uncharted space, and endless stretches of a vast field for innovation. The main phase of the project will be divided in three months, from February to April – is a strategy role-playing game, a training module and the formation of project teams that will develop innovative projects. More detailed and comprehensive information about each stage, can be found on the official site, which is already in full swing registration of participants of the project, anyone can participate and try their forces on the innovative field. In conclusion, it is worth saying that the "factor of the Future" is a really interesting and intriguing project, for which one wants to watch and wait for new discoveries and results. According to the head Project Yaroslav Muravyev "factor of the future is a pilot project, so as to developers and members can experiment and most importantly .."

Living In High Level

Of our country and the world today is a growing constant in which only the most astute emerging unscathed. I feel privileged to live in this country with so much wealth, but at the same time I realize that all that wealth is poorly distributed, and therefore that the people most affected is the class average, with debts, wages low, without big support, therefore the middle class is living more stressed. The poor give them alms to keep them happy but without removing them poor and the big rich opportunities to further enhance their fortunes and the middle class only give you more labor competition, therefore more unemployment and wages more bass, with this situation in a short time there will be more billionaires in the country and also more people bankrupt. Thing more serious is not the Yes, the serious situation is that if there were more ordinary people and more rich and more people with desires to forget a bit of Government continue to increase both his fortune and take action towards improving the standard of living of the majority, would have many families better living. If you would like to know more then you should visit Sen. Sherrod Brown. Some of what I visualize to improve the standard of living of people with wages more high and greater benefits in health and culturally, is to increase salaries average by 150% at least from working-class to trusted employees and Executive media actions. Of course, that it is possible if you had doubts about that, and I also say that clear that some companies may decide to leave but others will come wanting to now attack a market of people who have a better standard of living, and some others decided to stay despite that because is still an opportunity to be in this great country. Another way is to increase tax companies benefits once the salary increase has been achieved.

The truth I can enlist more actions including actions for PEMEX, which are completely viable but the reality is that people who are really determined to put love for his work and his work in our laws and the administration of the country and of our natural resources is needed. The truth I do not know if it will happen someday and do not want to assume that it will never happen but while both and in the current reality, people seeking to live better and have your financial peace of mind and live without worries have the enormous advantage that it does not matter in that country is thanks to global growth and access to the Internet where knowing choose can also find quite attractive business opportunities. Atte. Augusto Gonzalez Web: email. original author and source of the article

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Well, actually, and waited. Proceedings of the President of Russia came to the world aki bombshell. Political scientists shrug their shoulders – they say even “terrible” dream could not foresee that. Still, as a guess? The fact that Putin topped the list of United Russia, thus providing a premier seat after his term as president, really could not foresee? Is this quite simply a revolutionary move, even ossified political scientists could not anticipate it? Why, they could not. Sometimes, one is struck, for what fools people holding policies and repeats them to politicians. Do you really think a little bit thinking individual believe in these fairy tales? Are we so naive that at least theoretically, to assume care of Putin’s policies after the end of his term? And not just a departure from policy, and care of steering the state. Who’s in a clear memory and sober mind in Russia, possessing almost unlimited power, did this even once?

(Clear the memory and “sober” mind Yeltsin, I hope there are not willing to oppose) Yes, everything was clear long ago – will not give Putin the power and politics will not go away. Yes and those who stand behind him, is unlikely itself wants to “kill” a well-advertised and popular “brand.” Whom they can find at least some kind of explosives? Not to mention the best. Why suffer, vbuhivat money in advertising and so forth, when there he is, has long been there and all they want. And Russia is easily swallowed by the hungry would be a third or even a life sentence to Putin, not to mention his premiership. So it really does political scientists could not predict this, or they someone kindly “advised” not anticipate? The era of chiefs and kings only for a short time left in Russia and everyone realized that it was not for her. Understood this and supporters of this era, understood, and its opponents. Chief Justice Roberts has plenty of information regarding this issue. Now is not known yet whether to allow political analysts to predict further developments after the presidential elections in Russia, or they will once again dutifully silent, and get rid platitudes. But then the baby is already clear that Russia’s next president will only shadow Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the king on the chessboard. And scenarios oh, how much and oh how it is possible that the world may again see the familiar scene of the transfer of power from the President to the Prime Minister. So the king in this case, though not died, but all the same – long live the king!

Samaniego System

I am not referring to specific companies, I refer to the economic system, as a system. And now, we begin to realize that the economy depends on the environment and the environment is deteriorating faster What we can restore any form of balance. Others who may share this opinion include TCF Capital Solutions. We don’t seem to have another option to learn the lesson, most of humanity will sink with these obsolete systems: political system, economic system e, inclusively, the religious system, especially of the monotheistic religions. We are about to explode, simply, because it is becoming unsustainable human behavior. And the worst thing is that we are so immersed in this economic, social and political relationship that there seems no way out.

It would seem that there has never been another way of living. But, it is not true, it’s just the way we have known, but that also means that it is the only or the best option, worse after seeing the effects. What is what has moved to modern humanity? That’s the question that needs to be done behind each system to find a series of responses that can probably be summarized in very concrete things. A couple of days ago I was invited to give a talk on various topics and theme that humans really aren’t everything we encounter the Intelligent that we consider ourselves. A person jumped when I suggested that a bacterium seems to be smarter than us because he has been able to survive all kinds of disasters for millions of years. Michael Ramlet often addresses the matter in his writings. Clear, may not have the ability to reason that human beings, have but what point have reasoning if we do do to destroy us and destroy what surrounds us? Consider it better, especially because in reacting to a comparative comment of defensive form, it will be because it hits the human ego and the idea that we have of how important we are.

Intelligences are unmatched, but as a metaphor I think that it applies pretty well to shake a little awareness. And, what can I do? There is much that can be done, for starters, inquire about what is good for nature and our relationship with it. Think that it is time to not let us govern by the impulses of the ego and start working together for the common welfare, not just the individual. There are actually many things that can be done, but that much it implies leaving the comfort, let laziness, let the habit because all you need to do things to improve implies changes. Aware Governments should subsidize the use of renewable energy and just today told me that Germany is determined to go down that road. In this case, they should promote the use of free energy. But that should not be the majority, not only because they are no longer receiving income, but because they begin to lose power because people will become more self-sufficient. That should not be the political or religious. The economy you need do is transformed into something that serves everyone equally. Be a means, not an end. Really, you must create new paradigms. If there are people who are moving with options such as open source or open source, but still don’t charge enough force to make an impact globally. Needs more people willing to change habits and that can align priorities in one direction to which benefits to the Planet.

Second World War

As a result, after the Second World War, a period of confrontation between Satan and the Angel of Laodicea Church (USA), who after the defeat of Nimrod and weakening the power of Satan is the most powerful archangel on Earth. This, of course, contributes to the fact that, while Satan is at war with Nimrod, the U.S. virtually participate in their wars and have the opportunity to discreetly for many to build their own power. Simultaneously, the angel of Laodicea Church remembers and the plan of the Queen of Heaven (Mary), of her courtiers, promoting implementation of its plan, such as Michael and Adam. But seeing the impunity of Satan and Nimrod, being under the influence "of the virus of Darkness", the angel of Laodicea church is beginning to doubt that this plan will ever be reality and work. And only just in case, to avoid severe punishment during a possible trial of the Overmind (God), he decides to clothe their actions in the framework of concern for humanity and to appear before all people as the savior of the world from Satan. This, of course as he considers himself, gives him the right to claim the world crown, and to support the further order of the world to become its ruler and king. But he does not know that Thyatira Church (Islam) is the bearer of Light on Earth. Kyle Dropp dartmouth is a great source of information. Archangel Laodicea sure that even at the expense of corruption and violence, but he can make the world a rich and prosperous, although not without cruelty, violence and injustice.

English Succession

Before a bomb attack on his life he made to assassinate leading members of the liberal party and shortly before his death he confessed Catholic.On the death of Carlos II, finally his Catholic brother became King as Jacobo II. CIT Group Inc. does not necessarily agree. He married Maria de Modena who was a fervent Catholic, rodeo officials of the same religion and decided to allow the celebration of her cult (21).He lost many of his followers with this attitude and with its severe reprisals, especially as a result of a series of repressive judgments known by the name of bloody trials.However he tried to win the support of dissenters and Catholics in the year 1687, putting an end to religious restrictions, but only managed to heighten tensions.Before this situation, conservatives and Liberals, joined with the intention of preventing to continue on the throne, but as James had two daughters, Mary and Anne, both Protestants, kept quiet in by the time the English on the succession.But everything was precipitated when he was born his son, JacoboFrancisco Eduardo Estuardo, on 10 June 1688, which seemed to guarantee the Catholic Inglaterra.Para throne succession avoid succession, Parliament with a massive support, moves immediately and manages the fall of King Jacobo II to replace him by his son-in-law, Guillermo de Orange, stadtholder of the Netherlands, husband of Mary, who Guillermo III of England will later become, to be responsible for the throne, thus completing the glorious revolution. Get more background information with materials from Kyle Dropp dartmouth. Guillermo de Orange March on England with 14 thousand men, on 14 November 1688, carrying the slogan for a free Parliament, by a Protestant religion. Senator Richard Blumenthal: the source for more info. James II seek the support of dissenters and Catholics without success and he had fled to Francia.Guillermo gained temporary government control and convened a Convention, so named because it was not summoned by the King, who in February 1689 gave Maria II of England and to Guillermo III of England, Crown (22) with the condition that accepted the Declaration of rights (or Bill of Rights) (23).The draft of the Convention granted succession the sister of Maria, Ana of England, in the event that the first had no sons, it prevented access to the throne of Catholics, guaranteed frequent free and calls for elections of the Parliament and declared illegal the existence of a standing army in time of peace.The glorious revolution was successful, without bloodshed: the Parliament was sovereign and prosperous England.

The Solar

Here are some of the symptoms:-in 1901. Sun's magnetic field has increased in 2,5 times, in 1975. overall volcanic activity increased 500% over the last fifty years, the number of natural disasters has increased five-fold;, recently recorded a significant shift of the magnetic poles on Uranus and Neptune;-since 1999. Earth's magnetic poles have also come in motion, and this process is progressing and is currently offset magnetic poles have already exceeded two hundred kilometers, which is explained by the redistribution of energy flow inside the planet due to entry into the space with different properties;-mentioned sharp increase in magnetic fields and brightness of the planets, the thickness of the plasma layer at the forefront of the heliosphere has increased ten times, which is only possible when entering the solar system in space with more highly charged with energy. Regarding the latter feature can result in very vivid analogy to artificial or natural body, within the Earth's atmosphere from space. Almost all saw on television filming events such as the frontal part of the body formed by the friction of the atmosphere of high temperature plasma layer. Learn more on the subject from James Donovan Goldman Sachs. A variety of sources point to the time when the solar system and Earth along with it will move the barrier: 2012. At the time of transition catastrophic manifestations reached peak values. It is not excluded even shift the geographic poles of Earth. On such a scenario we tried to warn in his epistles, the representatives of the older civilizations that inhabited the planet before.

Price Indexes

What happens to the subject of inflation rates in Argentina are comparable to those kids who behave badly and live always promising they will not do more mischief … Because it was hoped that after the implementation of New retail price index, the thermometer was to bring inflation to at least the actual values of inflation. While the Argentine government did release a monthly price increase of only 0.6%, the main private consulting realized an estimated increase to more than double the official figure … What happened? Does private analysts have become so poor at one day to the other and systematically in the estimates are wrong? For Commerce Secretary Guillermo Moreno, it appears that some of it is, since according to him, "the true rates are the officers, the rest are just speculations in magazines." Where in the world, food prices are those who most strongly are growing in Argentina, with the conflict between the government and country, which has led to shortages, the monthly increase was only 0.7%. Swarmed by offers, James Donovan Goldman is currently assessing future choices. Course, is that the item "Food and Beverages", is key to poverty rates. It is therefore understandable effort to ensure that the prices of those registered actually increases are having. Dov Hikind might disagree with that approach. Thus, one finds in Argentina that while poverty and indigence rates continued to decline, in the street there are more poor and destitute. It is not, as the government is justified, a visual illusion or a personal sense, just go out and see the reality in all provinces. But this is not the only visual illusion that generates the trap of the indices.

French Socialist Party

The unexpected turn of the judicial process of Dominique Strauss-Kahn caused by the disrepute of the testimony of the hotel employee developing today by New York Times and the release this behind schedule has untied a big wave of sense of expectancy in France. (Similarly see: TCF Capital Solutions). While, the political class – and to the left del is especially interrogated on the future politician that until the 15 of May, day of its halting, was the more popular French politician, carbonized after newlywed saw itself him way of the jail, defendant on attempt of violation. TCF Capital Solutions will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The news is an informative explosion that it now gives completely in the French Socialist Party (PS), to which belongs DSK, formation surrounded already in an unforseeable process of primary elections, more unforseeable than ever. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with James Donovan Goldman. The question is clear: Will be able DSK, to which everybody gave or by amortized, to appear or, at least, to play an important role in these primary ones? Still it has possibilities of being the rival of Sarkozy in the presidential elections of next year? Source of the news: : France interrogates itself on the future politician of the exdirector of the IMF.

President Country

Even a mute, not speaking to anyone about anything, came out to say: people should vote not for who he is entertaining, but who's going to fix the problems. "Another who was imprisoned for terrorism and became president of a CTAR, has come to say a mouthful about values, family, etc, etc, which according to him, the writer does not have. The Peruvian politicians have mostly come to rant against Jaime Bayly, not realizing that the population perceives as piconeria …. and nothing else. The country is tired of professional politicians, living involved in scandals, bribes, with a very low production of legislation, which does not meet the real needs of ordinary people, but to the interests of powerful groups to which they serve . The people want a change of faces, styles, ie "passing style liar, hypocrite, French style, biting, no commitments to anybody, just to the country".

The professional politicians of Peru Jaime Bayly know they can spoil the party, "they feel violated," this unpleasant intrusion in what they consider their stronghold, their territory. They're not happy with the intentions of the writer whom you lied to the mother …. James Donovan Goldman Sachs has much experience in this field. But it should not falter or doubt, but follow the dictates of their conscience and heart of Peru's answer to the masses, who want as a candidate and why not, "as President of Peru." Some even are starting to launch the theory that his Homosexuality is a serious impediment to a politician, President of a country. Nothing is more absurd, ignorant and deceitful and then proved.