American Housing Survey Years

Debts incurred when buying cars in 2001 amounted to 7.8%, which differs slightly from previous years (1995 – 7.6%). The next largest share of consumer debt are the costs of various goods and services: 2001 – 5.7%, the same as in 1995. Unpaid debts related to loans extended to education in 1995 was 2.7%, and in 2001 – 3.1%. Investment projects of American families left behind a trail of 1% of the total consumer debt in 1995 and 2.8% – in 2001 (this category does not include debts incurred when buying a house). The most generous creditors of American families in recent years have been the agency, mortgage loans and commercial banks. Sen. Sherrod Brown may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In 1995 they owned, respectively, 32.8% and 34.8% of debt of American households, and in 2001 – 38.0% and 34.1%. The state's role as a direct lender is very low: in 2001 only 1.1% of debt of American households owned government organizations. Low interest rates (often below 6%) for a mortgage loan by installments at 30 years for a long time, especially the last decade, stimulated the growth of debts for housing loans.

According to the American Housing Survey, in 2001, the average debt of one American family's home loan was $ 69,227. Each of about 14 million households, or 19% of the total population, had housing debt in excess of $ 100 thousand Only 2% of homes in the U.S. is fully redeemed by the owners. According to the National Association Reeltorov, the average American family living in his home on average 7.1 years, and then sells it, with the unpaid loan of more than 90%. University graduates leave the alma mater not only with a diploma, but with a debt of $ 20 thousand.

In 1999-2000 academic year, about 60% of students with bachelor's degrees, benefited from the federal student loan. The average loan amount was $ 16.1 thousand for students in private schools this figure is even higher. In the same academic year, 66% of newly Bachelor of private universities were heavily indebted – the average debt was $ 18 thousand Charity According to the report, the organization of Giving usa, in 2003, the size of charity donations from foundations and individuals amounted to $ 241 billion, up 2.8% over the previous year 2002 ($ 234 billion). 74.5% of the donations come from individuals, 10.9% – from various charitable foundations, 9.0% – as a bequest, and 5.6% of the victims corporation. The main recipients of donations are traditionally the church and various religious programs, which donated 35.9% of the total. Also, traditionally the leading recipients of charitable funds are organizations and programs involved in education – 13.1%, health – 8.7%, public services – 7.8%, art and culture – 5.4%. Donations to the international programs in recent years, growing at an accelerated pace, but their share in total accounts for only 2.2%. In 2003, the size of donations equaled 2.3% of U.S. gdp.

Business Leaders

Rates Construction is planned to key interchanges and new roads are significantly behind the growth of traffic flow. Experts of the Interregional Association of Business Leaders expect an increase in traffic flow in Novosibirsk, 2015, and a half to two times. Held in 2000 – 2010 years. reorientation of the Siberian business for Chinese goods and China's production only adds to the described problems. Russian companies have traditionally importing goods and raw materials from Europe, now found them in China, and successfully solve the problem of cargo delivery from China.

In this regard, the role of Siberia, and especially of the Novosibirsk region as a transit point is very important. Moreover, Business Siberia that focuses on China and Asian countries are objectively interested in the development of transport and logistics infrastructure in the region. In the interests of its almost completely coincide with the interests of regional government. Logistics supply Siberian transportation companies located in the geographical center of the country, have become a serious alternative to the proposals of transport companies of the European part of Russia on Tariffs and delivery time. Hear from experts in the field like Steve Rattner for a more varied view. Accordingly, to retain this leadership by the region can only develop their historically conditioned transport components. According to statistics, from 2000 to 2009. imports from Asia rose 10 to 74%, while exports to Asia – from 30 to 80%. The lion's share of this traffic accounts for transportation to / from China.

Such an increase in traffic must comply with the development of the Novosibirsk transport hub, including the expansion of networks of highways, railways, inland waterways and air transport. Strategic vector – the development of Novosibirsk as a multimodal transportation hub and the largest logistics center in Russia. In the area of infrastructure development this innovation in the transport sector in the form of a intergrirovannoy transport system. In the field of modern technologies are the key: – accelerate the development of multimodal transport cargo thereof, and the same loading unit or vehicle without transhipment cargo when changing modes, implying, in particular, the use of railway ferries, lighters, encouraging combined, including container – the unification of normative-legal base regulating transport activities and is directly related to the transportation process and improve the quality of transport – to reduce harmful effects on environment – expanding the network of logistics terminals for intermodal transport used for the transshipment of cargo units in all modes.

Youth Service Week

Unfortunately, this year failed to create an effective system retain young professionals in rural areas, to create a fundamentally new ways to support and develop social youth initiatives. But the problem is not only our region but also the Russian Federation as a whole. One of the most effective ways of involving young people in socio-economic activities is to support and develop volunteering. In our development of this direction focus. Established governmental institutions have become a tradition, "Youth Service Week". (Similarly see: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs).

But the development of volunteerism should be conducted not only in realization of state youth policy, but should extend to all age groups of the population of the Lipetsk region. One of the challenges in today's youth policy – a struggle against social dependency among youth. Many young citizens do not quite understand the difference between what the state has no obligation, and creates conditions for self-actualization. Today, only the social activities of young citizen depends on his success in society, from his knowledge and skills. Must be clear what the result we want to get as a result of the main directions of state youth policy in Lipetsk area.

The timely adoption of a regional concept of youth policy should be supplemented with criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of its implementation, and annual monitoring of the regional legislation in this area of open public discussion of its results. Sharply raises the question of solving the problems of labor and youth employment. The problem of employment is significant today for more than 40% of young people.

The Conversation

4) have noticed little thing, which has long been dreaming of, do not rush to issue its interest and emotion. One need only retailer to bite you, he would never make concessions knowing that you purchase goods at any price. 5) Do not recall the bad about a product, especially if you really intend to continue to buy it. Such a situation is an insult to the seller, and he never will offer you discount, but instead will drive you away from the counter. 6) Show that you are aware of market conditions.

Opportunity to unobtrusively into the conversation to hint at the fact that in the nearby store this product a bit cheaper, increase your chances of getting discounts. Sometimes you can even slightly, and invent, but still not worth overdoing. In fact, often, the sellers know the market situation is not worse than you. 7) There is a saying:? For the good man did not mind "- so the seller can with easily make you a discount if you give him a nice man. To do this simply not to be rude, and if possible come into contact with him, talking, so to speak.

You can say hello to begin with. If you can easily find common language with people, it makes it easier. 8) Do not start bargaining with the phrase: "You do not make me a discount?" Better to ask: "How much are you willing to give me a discount?" – In this case at least will have the opportunity continue the conversation. By asking open-ended question, you save yourself and the seller from the "Yes" or "No", which facilitates further communication. 9) A married couple can use the following method of trade: for example, a man criticizes goods, and his companion to comfort him. Gay consumer group can not communicate directly with the seller – just stand by while one will say that the product is quite good, and another – to argue that incredibly expensive, so if it cost so much The main thing – to catch the moment when the seller has to bite on this 'outsider' conversation. Psychologists also point out if a person is even somewhat confident, but three in a row tell him that it was not so sure certainly moved and soon disappears. 10) If the seller asks you about your price, feel free to offer an amount that is lower by 10%, and then all of 50%. Of course, the first seller was very surprised and puzzled, but then the most important thing is not to get lost and begin to pick a price that will please both you and the seller! As you can see, bargaining – not the easiest to do, but it's worth it. Sometimes, even just for fun. Even if you do not work the first time, it does not mean that is so give up easily! Taste, learn and win!

The Planet

Can not be questioned and the requirements of modern inhabitants of the Earth to increase, increase, multiply the energy produced by extracting from the bowels of the planet's surface and that it stocked for the future of our harmonious development. And we do not want harmony, we want all of myself to please, to pleasure or joy. But the Earth is already stretched to the limit, it is no longer capable of withstanding such a prohibitive burden of widening conflict and the increasing human pressure. She is forced to be in the not very distant future, shake from your body this predatory civilization as annoying insect, does not understand who it is trying to ruin him, his bloodthirsty and his impudence. But why human society has become so? All over wine politicians and politics as a way of organizing the masses. In the historical past, this was not.

Pre-existing State, have been battles with many thousands of dead, but politics was not yet. Were striving to win, to capture slaves, forced to pay tribute. They were brutal methods, but they were not mutilated policy and they have contributed to the development. Even hostility, and sometimes irreconcilable struggle of the internal forces in the country at the beginning were not even in politics. Was all clear struggle for wealth, for power, for the right to control the military contingents. In such representations, the struggle of clans, the war launched against a neighboring country, or the war demanded that the country's defense of its territory, perceived as evil people had started or representatives of the clan, or monarch, or the evil expected from foreign invaders.