Investment Project Part

Well, the investment project, is a methodological tool, the result of the conjunction of various techniques from different disciplines 1 such as administration, marketing, economics, statistics, engineering, law, psychology, ecology, (and other more, according to the desirability or necessity of the project) that integrated logically define us a sequence of activities or stages, with allocation of financial resources to end get the most valid information as possible (reduce uncertainty) with the purpose of justifying the creation, improvement, innovation an entire infrastructure or part of it oriented to the production of goods and/or services to meet the needs of the target market in order to obtain greater benefits that currently with them being obtained or low-income employees. Developing a project is based on the conception of an idea of business result of detection of problems or market opportunities (or based on the experience of the) researcher) resulting from unmet demand which is necessary to determine and measure its use or discard, for which information is required so that the levels of uncertainty are reduced to acceptable levels to facilitate taking of decision making or not making the investment. Now well most of the projects seek to obtain economic benefits, but they can also have a social orientation, because they seek the welfare of the population of low-income jobs or contribute to national goals of development, among others. In that sense, the orientation of the project of economic or social, is the set of activities that involved, ranging from planning to implement something (idea) until the end of his run, put into normal operation and its respective settlement. In sum, the proven once investment project feasibility, generally implies 2 making an investment, to deploy the means or productive instrument (of capital), to obtain a product end (goods or services), the intermediate consumption, final or other capital goods-oriented. 1.1 Nature of investment projects as we pointed out, investment projects have two orientations well defined, the first are strictly economic nature investment projects, and the second is having a purely social character.