World Smile Day

But everyone remembers the words of a famous children's song from the cartoon about the little raccoon 'From a smile. "It's a song many people know from childhood and remember the emotions aroused perhaps this good song. But with age, everyone starts to lower wonder how important this is the simplest and good-natured smile. Many are immersed in their work, each has its own problems, but few are able to rejoice at this very ordinary pleasures of life. And admit it, these happy moments often occur when and forgot to think that such a simple human happiness. People such as Richard Blumenthal would likely agree.

Sometimes we just do not notice, sometimes we pretend that what happened is invisible is something that can not be very important, but what would please and bring a smile. Yes, it is desirable to form a serious and businesslike, as does the appearance of an intelligent and adult. And very few people take into account the fact that with a smile more chances to win a favorable man. In a society long ago established themselves opinion that a smile makes a person stupid to look at, but think about it because people with serious and important look on his face, too, can cause some ill will. Go to Central Romana for more information. And people can just take You for the angry and gloomy tipa.Poetomu smile still takes advantage of her many advantages that you stop to think about how the story sebya.I doing so tells you how your location. But there is such a holiday as World Smile Day, though unofficial, but it still has the right to call it a good mood prazdnikom.Ved success and schastya.Poetomu day should certainly be devoted to the smile and radosti.Da and notes it on the first Friday of October. Think about how important a smile is still in our lives. Give a ray of light to those who are near, and as in the song, the smile not even once come back to you.


At present, urinary incontinence remains one of the most "sensitive" issues in Urogynecology. According to the literature on urinary incontinence affects approximately 24% of women 30 to 60 years and more than 50% of women after 60 years. K Unfortunately, many of them believe that the elderly get rid of this problem is impossible and, therefore, voluntarily segregated from society in his own apartment, depriving themselves of the opportunity to participate fully in the life society. However, recent studies suggest that in old age disease "incontinence" can either completely eliminate or significantly reduce the number of concomitant factors. It is known that Modern methods of treating urinary incontinence are divided into "conservative" and "surgical". A related site: Connecticut Senator mentions similar findings. But few of my older patients know about treatment methods aimed at exploiting their own redundantly-compensatory capacities of the human body.

To the category of such techniques include biofeedback (BFB). The basis of revolutionary methods of treatment of urinary incontinence using biofeedback devices put system of exercises for the pelvic floor muscles, developed by California gynecologist Arnold Kegel (1949) and aimed at improving their tone and the development of a strong reflex contractions in response to a sudden increase intra-abdominal pressure. The main difficulty and lack of technique Kegel is that 40 to 60% of patients are not able to isolate the cut pelvic floor muscles, especially when you consider that these muscles are anatomically hidden. Instead strengthen pelvic floor muscles, patients typically reduce antagonist muscles – the rectus abdominis muscle, gluteal, thigh muscles, even more while improving intra-abdominal pressure. As a result, such exercises are not only ineffective but also contribute to worsening of urinary incontinence. The problem of an isolated exercise various muscle groups of the pelvic floor can most effectively be solved by applying biofeedback techniques, as in this case visual information is communicated directly to the patient that makes it easy to check the correctness of the exercises.

The clinical significance of this method is, Firstly, in collaboration of patients and physicians, and, secondly, to quantify the changes in muscle tone of the pelvic floor exercises on the background with the container for measuring the rectal and vaginal pressure. Currently, for training the pelvic floor muscles using modern apparatus "Home urologist. In this case, the patient can monitor the accuracy and efficiency of its work with a manometer. Today, the method of biofeedback communication is widely used both abroad and in Russia. Indications for use of biofeedback therapy in urogynecological practice are: various types of urinary incontinence, pelvic relaxation syndrome or syndrome prolapse of the walls vagina, sexual dysfunction in women (a decrease of force orgasm, anorgasmia, vaginismus), prevention of urinary incontinence in women in the postpartum period after the pathological and traumatic childbirth. Thus, the method Biofeedback is an effective conservative treatment of all types of incontinence. One of the positive aspects of this therapy is its pathogenic orientation. The effect of biofeedback is, on the one hand, the possibility of increasing activity and contractility of any urethral sphincter, as well as in achieving its muscle hypertrophy by means of a conscious training. The results of three-dimensional ultrasound – are observed to improve blood circulation in the pelvic area. Other important advantages of the method of biofeedback are: painless and minimally invasive, no side effects, combination with any other treatments. As shown by medical practices, those of women who used for the treatment of spare capacity of the organism, just a month forever forget about the problems associated with urinary incontinence. Director of SIC regenerative medicine "SUE Intra" Peter Pomozov

State Administration

seizure of such products imported into its territory came from Panama; Jesus Marin Ruiz, Director of Toxicology, Ministry of Health of Nicaragua, said that dough poisoning is chronic, “it may take five to ten weeks to display the events “directly affects the kidneys and liver. “It causes liver and kidney failure, and destroys the peripheral nervous system, the patient falls into a coma and dies.” Although it may seem alarmist and exaggerated the fact is that in Panama, and because of this chemical used improperly the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries have already been reported at least 102 deaths and investigated the causes of death of 369 other people who may had contact with this poison, but in this case by means of a toothpaste but by the use of an expectorant syrup that the Social Security Fund distributed free among the members of the public health system.

Yes, obviously there is a very serious failure of responsibility and security expected of a public health system that delivers comprehensive and a drug free life-threatening, just as there is in customs and health authorities in countries receiving imports of such products without a prior investigation of its contents and components, but that the respective legal systems of these countries will be identified and punished. For even more details, read what Richard Blumenthal says on the issue. Honestly it sounds reactionary and I hope that these irresponsible people are punished with the same harshness with which the Chinese government (country of origin of these toothpastes and many other dangerous products) punished the former director of the State Administration of Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) China, Zheng Xiaoyu, who was sentenced to death on Tuesday by authorizing bribes from pharmaceutical companies manufacture and distribution of tens of products and drugs that are used in the deadly toxic ingredients or at least highly dangerous. This is truly serious, we can not only be buying and using products from dubious commercial and buy to be cheap (and note that the excuse of the Nicaraguan authorities to refer to these products smuggled into the country in addition to false is childish) but in addition, these components are sold to pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries of our countries and are used and no one say or do anything until the dead begin to accumulate.

I am sure this news will be further developed (by a tragic way) and will be many more cases of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics that will jump to the front pages of the damage that they cause in case the former director of the State Administration of Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) of China, Zheng Xiaoyu told judicial authorities sentenced him the list of laboratories or manufacturing products that would unduly in China these authorities have not revealed that information so you do not know which may be products we must avoid and do not know which of our laboratories and industries region have bought and used these components improperly authorized by a health authority corrupt. In any case what we can do is avoid at all costs, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products from China, get used once and for all to read the labels of the products we buy and use with culpable innocence and demand that our governments to put the magnifying glass local industries to see whether any are using components purchased in the Asian country and determine if it is truly responsible, lawful and safe to use because it is not a marketing war, it is our lives.. Hear other arguments on the topic with Richard Blumenthal.

Great Patriotic War

Intonation the speaker's voice – it is not dependent on consciousness thing, which carries information about the mental and physiological state of the organism at a given moment. How can people perceive the tone of voice? For more unconsciously and always emotional. We do not think about it, but very often the case that tone of voice interlocutor paint our own emotional background, and we change our plans and decisions. In other words, it can act as a major incentive for decision-making sphere. The importance of intonation for the transfer of emotional state is so large that is difficult to to express their thoughts, words and phrases. Having studied a lot of material on the subject, I realized finally what was right, my mom! Understand how important intonation in our lives, how many different areas of our existence on earth affected by this issue. With the help of intonation, we can express our feelings, emotions, and to lead, to resist, to dominate and manipulate the situation.

Fill our lives with variety and color. Now I understand intonation that the strongest weapon, reading about the Great Patriotic War! If Hitler had not had a strong oratorical skills, our earth would not recognize him so much grief, sorrow and grief! This did not represent himself sergeant major, was able to speak and his speech cast a spell like no other. A huge number of soldiers fell under his influence, and were ready to execute whatever he wants. Many things can bring us bad 'tone' in mouth of the bad people, and it's sad! Plus, it's very contagious! If one person is upset, crying, frightened, laugh, something fun talks, the second without knowing it begins to adopt a different style. I can wrong? I think all the people whose occupations are associated with a society, we must always be very careful and cautious. doing your job. it must be remembered that despite the different emotional states, not with using intonation to transfer it to other people.

Since a person is very easy to offend and injure, sometimes even without noticing it. In the world of politics is often manipulated people's minds with a beautiful voice, well set tone! This is clearly seen on the example of state elections. I also noticed an interesting feature, women's and men's intonation is different from each other. I think the ladies do well on this field. Intonation women more emotional, more intense and they very cleverly used this weapon. Describing and developing this theme, would like to draw parallels with the music. We hear a great great works in which can be understood without words that he wants to pass us by joy, sadness, anxiety, confusion, fear, pain, and so on. And the tone for us music of our speech, our ability to express and express yourself! I can not imagine at moment that our speech suddenly changed and become monotonous. We could hardly understand what emotions we want to express a different person. As far as he merrily, sad, hurt, happy is he alone is to him. People no longer understand a lot of only at home, at work. We would lose everything that makes our life beautiful. Theater, literature, film, humor, would lose sense! I think something like feeling deaf and dumb man. This is terrible! All this would have resulted in monotony humanity to its doom. We turned into robots! There is a dead-intelligence, but do not have feelings!

Ancient Greece Government

Later, the Egyptians held a number of improvements, and people began to operate the ferry. In the basement, bath and fireplace stoked a huge hot air rising in the pair separation through small openings. In most guys find the stone beds, which are heated by hot air it. After these procedures had to dip into the pool with cold water. In Ancient Greece Government were very concerned about the health of its citizens. Public baths were more significant in the life of the Greeks, than the Egyptians. The Greeks believed that their good health, they are obliged to exercise and bath procedures.

Baths were built of cut stones and the building itself had a round shape. This form of bath rooms, in the opinion of the Greeks, the most suited for uniform distribution of steam across a steam bath. In the heart of room was a stone hearth, which topilsya charcoal. After copious sweating Greeks poured cold water, and then moved into a special room, where were talking about different topics. The best-known and were celebrated Roman baths.

Another called them Roman baths, due to the fact that these baths were located near the hot springs. Originally it was a very modest building, where there were only small bathrooms room and water temperature did not exceed the body temperature. Later Roman bath has been improved and it was a grand structure, consisting of several departments. The first part of Romans stripped. More this department was intended to massage and relax after a bath procedures.